Master P Makes Kids Testify ... Dad Did NOT Abduct Us

4/10/2014 3:25 PM PDT

Master P -- Makes Kids Testify ... Dad Didn't Abduct Us

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Master P
 has each of his kids on tape saying he DID NOT kidnap them, and their mom has trouble with booze and weed ... claims she adamantly denies.

As TMZ first reported, Sonya Miller went to court yesterday trying to obtain an emergency order forcing the rapper to return their 3 minor children to her. Her request was denied until a court hearing in July.

But today a video popped up on YouTube of Master P interviewing each of his kids about the situation -- and they all backed their dad ... claiming their mother was the bad influence who had exposed them to weed and alcohol.

Master P goes on to say he wants Sonya to get help ... specifically rehab.

Responding to the video, Sonya's attorney tells TMZ she vehemently denies Master P's allegations and calls the video "a joke," "despicable" and "offensive." Miller's lawyer says she'd rather face her ex in court and not battle things out through the media.