Nate Dogg Family Fight Rages Over Rapper's Home

4/10/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Nate Dogg -- Family Fight RAGES Over Rapper's Home


3 Years after Nate Dogg's death, his family is waging war over the sale of the late rapper's Pomona home.

According to court docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the estate administrator agreed to sell the house last month for $340K.

But we're told some family members are trying to stop the deal because the administrator wants to use the money to pay off Nate's debts, leaving them with little ... and they want more.

We broke the story ... Nate's will provided that his 6 kids get the house, but 2 days after his death in March, 2011, the bank moved to foreclose because he'd fallen behind on his mortgage.

Now it's up to a judge whether the sale goes through.