'Slednecks' Saving Alaska's Wild Life With Booze-Fueled Party Brawl [VIDEO]

5/2/2014 12:30 AM PDT

'Slednecks' Party Fight -- Alaskan 'Buckwild' Saving Alaska's Wild Life [VIDEO]


Giving booze to a bunch of horny kids living in the American wilderness sounds like a pretty bad idea ... unless it's for the Alaskan reality show "Slednecks" ... which struck gold when a CRAZY brawl broke out during a party scene.

Production sources tell us  ... "Slednecks" (which used to be called "Buckwild")  staged the party inside a barn that doubled for a rickety nightclub.  There was lotsa liquor for the cast and a bunch of yocals.

The video is awesome.