Casey Kasem's Body On the Road Again

8/11/2014 10:14 AM PDT

Casey Kasem Body -- On the Road Again


Casey Kasem's body is about to top James Brown's on the mileage front ... because we've learned it's being moved again ... this time thousands of miles away.

Casey's body is currently in a Montreal funeral home -- nearly 2 months after he died in Washington.

Sources tell us ... Jean Kasem is making arrangements to have the body flown to Europe ... possibly Oslo, Norway.  

The move is significant. TMZ broke the story ... the Santa Monica Police Dept. is investigating Jean for elder abuse ... after one of Casey's daughters filed a complaint alleging Casey developed a fatal infection as a result of Jean taking him on a multi-state car ride to evade the family.

The Santa Monica PD wants a full autopsy ... which so far has not been performed. Casey's kids believe Jean is on the run because she knows if the family finds the body and gets a court order it could be incriminating for her.

We know Casey's kids are scrambling right now in an attempt to keep the body in Canada until they can get a court order.