'Blood, Sweat & Heels' Star Arrested For Stiffing Cabbie

9/13/2014 12:10 AM PDT

'Blood, Sweat & Heels' -- Geneva Thomas Arrested For Stiffing Cabbie


Bravo reality star Geneva S. Thomas
 got nailed in an alleged ride 'n dash ... after cops say she skipped out on an $18 cab fare in NYC. 

According to the police report ... the "Blood, Sweat & Heels" cast member was booked Tuesday after a taxi company claimed she took off before paying the driver, and now she faces theft charges.

Law enforcement tells us ... they were able to track down Geneva because the driver took note of the address where he dropped her off -- something they tend to do if you don't pay. 

Geneva claims the whole thing is BS and says she's planning to sue the NYPD and the taxi company.

Her attorney tells TMZ ...the cabbie became hostile because Thomas told him she didn't have cash and would have to pay by credit card ... and that he purposely took a longer route to increase the fare. Thomas claims she was the one who called the cops -- who arrested her unjustly.

For now, she has a court date in January. She might want to walk.