Nicki Minaj Judge Tells Former Stylist Go Follicle Yourself!

9/17/2014 8:30 AM PDT

Nicki Minaj Wins Wig Suit -- Judge Tells Former Stylist ... Go Follicle Yourself!


Nicki Minaj just beat her hairstylist's ass in court after the judge wigged out.

Terrence Davidson had filed a $30 million lawsuit against Nicki ... claiming he helped design her multi-colored wigs and she in turn agreed to partner with him on a new line of the iconic hairpieces but then cut him out.

But the judge sided with Nicki ... dropping some serious wig knowledge in the process. Hizzoner explained there's nothing special about colored wigs ... anyone has a right to make them so Davidson's creative claim is bogus.

The judge called out 3 of Nicki's wigs to illustrate his point ... The Pink Upper Bun Wig, The Fox Fur Wig and the Pink High Top Wig.

The judge also said any so-called deal Davidson made with Nicki was vague -- nothing more than barber shop talk.

So case closed.