Kris/Bruce Jenner Divorce $60 Million Split

9/23/2014 10:05 AM PDT

Kris/Bruce Jenner Divorce -- $60 Million Split


and Bruce Jenner's divorce settlement was probably less than you think, because multiple sources tell us ... the pot they divided was approximately $60 million.
We're told dividing the assets was "easy and amicable" ... almost all of their earnings were put in a joint account, and that includes their TV profits, Bruce's speaking engagements and their ownership in various businesses. 

TMZ broke the story ... lawyers were not involved in the property settlement ... it was all done with the help of their business managers. Each filed legal docs in pro per -- meaning without lawyers.

Part of the settlement ... Kris gets the Hidden Hills estate. Bruce gets to keep his Sherwood Country Club membership. 

There's no spousal support. The property gets divided, and that's that.