'Outlaw Country' Star Arrested for Stolen Plates ... But Not Snitching

3/7/2015 12:30 AM PST

'Outlaw Country' Star -- Busted for Stolen Plates ... But Not Snitching


If you're on a reality show called "Outlaw Country" ... you gotta walk the walk like Matt "One-Eye" Brooks -- who chose to go to jail rather than drop a dime on his friends ... TMZ has learned.

Brooks, who usually wears an eye patch, is featured on the show about two Missouri brothers running an alleged crime organization, and 2 brothers in local law enforcement. You can guess which side Matt's on.

According to cops, officers spotted an illegally parked car Monday night at a Gladstone, MO apartment complex, and found out the license plate numbers had been reported stolen.  

Matt walked out as they started towing the car, and told them he had no clue about stolen plates. The car's VIN was registered to him.

Matt said he regularly lends his car to friends, but refused to give cops any full names. According to cops, Matt pointed out he's on a TV show about outlaws ... and couldn't risk getting a rep for snitching.

"One-Eye" was released on a $250 bond after getting booked for stolen property. But no snitching.