Dave Chappelle Hell Yes, I'll Open for Eddie Murphy Just One Problem ...

10/20/2015 6:49 AM PDT

Dave Chappelle Says He'd Open for Eddie Murphy, There's Just One Problem ...


Dave Chappelle is about to make comedy fantasies come true, because he's not saying "NO" ... to a possible dream team concert with Eddie Murphy.

There's more buzz than ever about Eddie possibly returning to the stage to do stand-up comedy after he killed it in D.C. over the weekend. Sooo ... lo and behold, we run into Chappelle who's also in D.C. and asked what he thought about an Eddie comeback, and who should join him?

Check out his response -- Dave's definitely down to play his part in what could be the greatest lineup ever! Question is ... who the hell's gonna pay??!! 

Build it and they will come, Dave.