Zac Brown I Didn't Know There'd Be Strippers and Blow

4/15/2016 8:36 AM PDT

Zac Brown: I Didn't Know There'd Be Strippers and Blow


Zac Brown unwittingly ended up in a hotel room with strippers, condoms and cocaine ... so say sources connected to the country singer.

As we reported, Zac was in a Palm Beach hotel room a week ago at 2:30 AM when cops raided the suite and arrested 4 people for weed and coke. There were 3 strippers present, one of whom had 6 condoms and $1,000 cash in her purse.

Our Zac sources say he was out on the town earlier in the evening with a friend. The sources say the friend invited Zac to hang out with a bunch of guys in a hotel room and he had no idea strippers would show minutes after he arrived.

The sources insist Zac did nothing wrong ... he had not done any drugs nor had he done anything with the strippers. We're told the cops busted the joint 10 minutes after the strippers arrived.

The cops repeatedly lied to TMZ and said there was no evidence Zac was present, even though there's a police document listing his name. And as we reported, the cops were so starstruck they got Zac's autograph and even mocked one of the strippers for not knowing he was a famous singer.

Zac, we're told, asked the cops to keep him out of the police report because he has a wife and kids. Our Zac sources insist it was the cops who first offered to omit his name.

We've learned Zac had a prescription bottle and 2 of the pills didn't match the label, so cops asked Zac to supply proof he had a valid Rx for the pills. He later presented proof the pills were painkillers that were prescribed after minor surgery.