Drake's Jewelry Heist Tour Bus Driver Thought Alleged Burglar Was Part of Entourage

9/12/2016 1:04 PM PDT

Tour Bus Driver Thought Alleged Jewel Thief Was Part of Drake's Entourage


The guy who allegedly made off with $3 million in jewelry from Drake's tour bus made it onto the rapper's bus because the tour bus driver thought he was part of Drake's entourage.

According to court docs ... at around 11:15 PM the driver says he saw Travion King board the bus. Travion didn't ask for permission, so the driver assumed Travion knew the performers.

The driver had remained with the bus so he left the tour bus door unlocked. 

The docs refer to security camera footage of Travion walking toward the parked bus without a briefcase ... then 2 minutes later walking away clutching the briefcase containing the bling.

Travion was nabbed a few hours later on an unrelated trespassing charge, and they caught him with the briefcase so he was booked on felony burglary.