Jackie Warner Sleep Driving Defense Will Get Me Off

3/10/2017 10:46 AM PST

Jackie Warner Confident in Her 'Sleep Driving' Defense


Jackie Warner strongly believes her attorney and the Ambien defense will help her escape jail time in her arrest for nearly backing into a cop's patrol car.

Jackie and a friend were out at Gracias Madre Thursday night in West Hollywood, and on the way out the fitness guru talked about her dramatic arrest at gunpoint. As we first reported, sources close to Jackie say she was "sleep driving" when she got into an accident.

She allegedly reversed her car abruptly, forcing an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy to jump out of the way, and got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

But Jackie's fully confident here she'll be acquitted. In fact, 2 weeks after the accident, she's feeling good enough to enjoy a margarita.