David Hasselhoff For Cryin' Out Loud, Judge Stop Cutting My Ex a Break!!!

12/1/2017 6:40 AM PST

David Hasselhoff Claims Ex-Wife Pamela Bach Still Getting Too Much Spousal Support


David Hasselhoff is happy his ex-wife got her spousal support slashed in half, but he still wishes it was slashed to zero.

We got the Hoff at LAX Thursday and congratulated him on getting his support payments to Pamela Bach reduced. He told the judge he's already paid her $3 million in alimony and it's high time she goes out and gets a job.

The judge partially agreed ... reducing her support from $10k to $5k a month. At one point he was paying her $21k a month.

Hoff's on his way to Europe where German fans can't get enough of his bars.