Paris Hilton Protecting Her Rock, Around the Clock

1/5/2018 12:50 AM PST

Paris Hilton Hires Private Security to Protect $2 Million Ring 24/7


The only downside to getting a $2 million engagement ring, is having to protect the engagement ring -- but Paris Hilton's hired some full-time muscle to get the job done.

Sources close to Paris and her fiance, Chris Zylka, tell us they've had 24/7 security shadowing them -- and specifically the ring -- ever since he put a ring on it last weekend. 

We're told Paris feels it's best to have someone on guard at all times because of the rash of celeb burglaries this past year ... including the jewelry heist at her aunt Kyle Richards' house. There's also the Paris ordeal her former BFF, Kim Kardashian, endured.

Our sources say Paris already has around the clock security at her home. The ring squad is always with her and that rock, but they're in street clothes ... so it's not so obvious.