Kodak Black's Lawyer My Client's Arrest was Shady

1/26/2018 1:34 PM PST

Kodak Black's Lawyer Says Rapper's Arrest Was Shady


Kodak Black's legal eagle is ready to grill 3 officers to get to the bottom of what the rapper claims was a sketchy arrest.

Sources tell us Kodak's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, has some tough questions he wants answered ... why was there no body cam footage of last week's arrest for grand theft of firearms, neglect of a child and weed possession? Cohen also wants to know why a gang task force effected the arrest.

Cohen filed legal docs setting the gears in motion to take depositions of 3 officers involved in the arrest to determine if it was kosher.

As we reported ... officers caught wind of Kodak's alleged illegal activity via an Instagram Live broadcast showing multiple men in a bathroom rolling joints and playing with a gun.