Stevie Wonder 'Ye's Slavery Views Are Foolishness ... So is Trump's Race Summit

5/6/2018 11:24 AM PDT

Stevie Wonder Says Kanye's Slavery Comment is Foolishness


Stevie Wonder doesn't have time to waste thinking over Kanye West's ridiculous views on slavery -- ditto for President Trump's proposed race summit, actually.

We got Stevie Saturday at LAX and asked what he thought of 'Ye's controversial comment -- ya know, that slavery must've been a choice black people made after a certain point. 

You can tell the he's not having it with Kanye's POV -- he even says as much by calling it "foolishness" ... adding that if you know your history, you don't listen to such BS.

We also ask Stevie if he'd attend a Trump-hosted meeting at the White House to discuss racial issues. If there's a faster way to say HELL NO than this ... we haven't seen it yet.