Michael Blackson Schumer Knows Better ... Don't Crash a Set and 'Lose Some Weight!'

5/10/2018 3:46 PM PDT

Michael Blackson Says Amy Schumer Should Stop Interrupting and Lose Weight


Amy Schumer broke a huge rule on the comedy club circuit by crashing an up-and-coming comedian's stand-up set, according to fellow comic Michael Blackson

We got Blackson at LAX Thursday afternoon where he told us what Amy did this week at Carolines in NYC was just plain rude. If ya missed it, she interrupted Brendan Sagalow Tuesday night, right in the middle of his set to practice her monologue for 'SNL.' She's hosting this week.

Sagalow has said he's cool with how it went down, but other comedians are taking Amy to task. Michael says it's not that an A-lister like Amy doesn't get preferential treatment -- it's just that there's a way to do it, and Michael says Amy should know that.

He had some harsh advice for her, for which we suspect HE's gonna catch some flak.