Color Me Badd's Mark Calderon Bryan's Wife Warned Me ... He Was 'Wasted' at Our Concert

7/26/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Color Me Badd's Mark Calderon Says Bryan's Wife Warned Him of Drunkenness


Color Me Badd singer Mark Calderon got a heads-up his bandmate, Bryan Abrams, was a mess hours before their onstage fight ... and it came from Bryan's wife.

According to Mark's statement to police, obtained by TMZ, the singer said Bryan was clearly intoxicated ahead of their show in Tyre, NY. He added, Bryan's wife texted him before the concert about Bryan being "wasted." So, Mark says he went into the show with concerns.

He also says Bryan assured him he'd be just fine and they'd kill it once the show started. Mark was still worried, but says they went on because they had a contractual obligation.

Mark says Bryan screwed up lyrics during their very first song, then disappeared for the rest of the concert.

Well, at least until he ran on stage and slammed Mark, who ended up injured ... while Bryan ended up in cuffs

As we reported ... Mark says he wants Bryan to get help for his booze issue, but stopped short of saying he wants him prosecuted.