Dan Crenshaw Pete Davidson Used Me So I'm Gonna Use Him on Tuesday!!!

11/5/2018 2:38 PM PST

Dan Crenshaw Says Pete Davidson's 'SNL' Joke May Help in Midterm Election


The war vet Pete Davidson disrespected on 'SNL' concedes there may be a silver lining ... he's now a stand-out in Tuesday's midterm election.

Texas congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw told us on "TMZ Live" ... this could turn into a Beyonce moment ... turning the 'SNL' lemons he's been given into sweet, sweet lemonade ... which could translate into a win for him when the polls close on Tuesday night. 

As we reported ... Dan isn't demanding an apology after Pete said Dan looked like a "hitman from a porno" and brushed off his disability with a "whatever." Dan does admit, however, the cheap shot "tore at my core."

As for the sympathy points he's gained since the story's gone viral, Dan says he'll take them, but wants people in the 2nd congressional district of Texas to vote for him for the right reasons -- not out of outrage.