Backpack Kid Really is Flossing!!! Drops $25k for New Bling

11/7/2018 12:30 AM PST

Backpack Kid Drops $25k for New Bling and It Perfectly Describes Him


Backpack Kid can now shine a little more when he busts out the floss ... shine a LOT more, actually.

BK -- government name, Russell Horning -- commissioned the guys over at The Icebox in Atlanta to make him some sick, new bling. The Icebox more than delivered with this stunning gold and diamond backpack (how fitting) pendant. It features 673 round, brilliant-cut diamonds ... which weighs almost 10 freakin' carats!!!

The pendant also features 40 grams of 14 karat yellow gold. It also has a hinge at the bottom, so it opens and closes to reveal Backpack Kid's name engraved on the inside.

And, to further prove how phenomenally successful the kid's become since his dance went viral ... BK dropped around $25k for the new bling and a Miami Cuban link chain.

Not sure what's been more awesome for Backpack Kid ... the pendant, thisthis or this