G-Eazy Hand in Hand with Mystery Blonde ...Post-Halsey Split

11/14/2018 6:41 AM PST

G-Eazy Shows PDA with Mystery Blonde Weeks After Halsey Split

It's no longer just me, myself and I with G-Eazy -- he's got a cute little blonde babe hangin' off his arm now ... and all signs point to a successful rebound post-Halsey.

The Bay Area rapper was showin' off a bit of PDA Tuesday night with this mystery girl in Los Feliz, where they certainly looked like they were on a date. The two of 'em were seen holding hands and coming in for a big bear hug. Check out her smile ... is that amore?

It's good to see GE getting out there again -- for real this time -- especially after his seemingly unsuccessful night out at Drake's birthday party a few weeks ago. Remember, he left the shindig by himself ... with just a bodyguard in tow. 

As we reported ... G-Eazy and Halsey broke up for the second time this year, and even unfollowed each other on social media. She's been rockin' and rollin' since then, showing out for Halloween and, most recently, performing with Weezy on 'SNL.'

Looks like both parties are getting on with their lives ... one a little faster than the other.