Kendall Jenner Philly Cheese Skate With BF Ben Simmons

12/3/2018 4:09 PM PST

Kendall Jenner's Ice Skating Date with Ben Simmons in Philadelphia



Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons did what lots of couples do when the holiday season rolls around -- hit up an ice skating rink so the guy can watch his GF twirl like she's Kristi Yamaguchi ... but she isn't. 

Kendall and Ben hit up Philadelphia's Rothman Institute Ice Rink on Monday -- although Kendall was the only one brave enough to slip on a pair of skates. 

We're guessing the 76ers are happy their star point guard kept his feet on dry land -- can't risk a twisted ankle. Then again, neither can Kendall. Runway models don't typically do their best work in casts or ace bandages. Luckily for her ... it looks like she has genuine ice skills. 

It's good to see Kendall staying on her feet, unlike that time she nearly face-planted on a bicycle.

Kendall and Ben have been hanging a lot in Philly recently ... they grabbed a bite last week after the Sixers took an embarrassing loss, and checked out some college hoops this weekend.

All this after last month's relationship rebound.