Bow Wow 911 Call GF Says He Hit Her Multiple Times ... Took Her Phone Away

2/6/2019 12:30 PM PST

Bow Wow's GF Says He Hit Her Multiple Times Before 'Domestic Violence' Arrest


Bow Wow's girlfriend claims the rapper hit her several times, took her phone and refused to let her out of a bedroom during the 911 call she made to cops.

In the call -- obtained by TMZ -- a distraught Kiyomi Leslie Holden tells the operator she was assaulted by Bow Wow and fled his apartment to make the call. Kiyomi Leslie claims cops showed up for a previous disturbance before the actual arrest, but Bow Wow and two of his friends refused to let her out of a bedroom to speak with officers.  

An additional 911 call was made by the apartment building's manager who claimed a resident called her to complain about the fight. The resident allegedly heard a male voice saying he would, "Slap the f*** out of this bitch."

As we reported ... Bow Wow was arrested in Atlanta early Saturday morning for striking Kiyomi Leslie, but Kiyomi Leslie was also arrested for hitting him. 

Both Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie sustained visible, minor injuries ... and they were both charged with misdemeanor battery.