Tristan Thompson Out with Hot Chick and Teammate ... He's the Third Wheel

2/28/2019 8:04 AM PST

Tristan Thompson Out with Teammate and Hot Chick During Jordyn Woods Drama

8:00 AM PT -- Tristan might not have been the lucky guy hooking up with the young lady. Witnesses in Carbone tell us he was dining with at least 3 other people -- the woman, his teammate Jordan Clarkson and another (not famous) guy.

We're told she arrived with Jordan and, at least, appeared to be his date.

Tristan Thompson isn't sulking over the war being waged in L.A. after he hooked up with Jordyn Woods ... because he's back in the game, with another hot chick.

Tristan had dinner Wednesday night in NYC at Carbone, and here's where we connect the dots. Check out his Instagram story ... you see his delicious pasta -- Carbone is an awesome Italian restaurant -- and you see in the background the hand of a woman holding a glass. She's sitting at the same table as Tristan, right across from him.

Now, check out the woman who left the restaurant alone ...  specifically, check out her nail color. MATCH!

BTW ... we're told Tristan arrived at the restaurant with one of his teammates, and 5 minutes later she was waiting outside the restaurant. We're told the woman showed up and Tristan came out and brought her inside. We're told they were at the table for hours. 

We're told Tristan left a few minutes later, sprinting from the kitchen door into a waiting Uber.

Tristan is far, far away from the drama he triggered nearly 2 weeks ago, after making out with Jordyn at a house party. Khloe kicked him to the curb, and the Kardashians are at war with Jordyn. 

Earlier in the day ... Tristan was out and about with a hoodie emblazoned with the words, "The Eagle Soars Alone." 'Nuff said. 

Originally Published -- 6:07 AM PT