D.L. Hughley If You Give Michael Jackson a Pass ... You're Blinded by His Talent

3/5/2019 7:44 AM PST

D.L. Hughley Says Society Gave Michael Jackson a Pass Because of His Talent


D.L. Hughley's takeaway from the Michael Jackson documentary is that WE as a society need to take a hard look at what we let incredibly talented celebrities get away with ... often in plain sight. 

We got the comedian outside Guastavino's in NYC Monday night, and instead of questioning how "Leaving Neverland" affects Jackson's legacy -- he went off on people who allowed him to do what's alleged in the doc.

D.L. says no matter what side you're on, MJ's behavior with young boys was disturbing and wouldn't have been tolerated if he was Joe Schmoe ... with no talent or wealth.

If this sounds familiar ... it's because D.L. hasn't hesitated in the past to put MJ in the same box as R. Kelly.

As for Oprah taking heat from Jackson's fans for interviewing his accusers, Hughley says her background more than qualifies her to do what she's doing ... and the haters weighing in don't know what they're talking about.