Dina Lohan Is This Online BF Dating Me ... Or the Freakin' MEDIA???

4/18/2019 3:01 PM PDT

Dina Lohan Annoyed by Online Boyfriend Blabbing to the Media


Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler's supposed reconciliation is on shaky ground because she's pissed her online BF -- whom she's still never met -- keeps airing their biz in public. 

As we reported ... Jesse says he and Dina e-kissed and made up after a brief breakup, and he bought her an engagement ring, with which he plans to propose ... once they finally meet in person. 

A source close to Lindsay's mom tells us ... that might not be the best idea, because she's miffed about a few things. First, we're told she denies they ever had a big blowout fight -- it was more like a small disagreement. She's claiming Jesse reached out to her to smooth it over, not vice versa.

More importantly, the source says Dina doesn't like Jesse sharing their dirty laundry with the media ... social or otherwise. We're told it's especially frustrating because she's still waiting to see if Jesse will ever start a real relationship with her.

Damn. Sounds cold, but she's got a point.

Our source says Nadler seems to have received the message loud and clear -- he told her he's going to send her a ticket to meet him next week, because it's "the right thing to do."

If he does, we're told it will be the first gift he's ever given Dina while they've been dating.

Once again, damn.