Winter Blues Keep Warm Like Never Before ... This Sauna Blanket Helps!!!

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Autumn is done, and winter is here -- so it's time to snuggle up with your favorite blanket -- which is about to become this one ... if we have anything to say about it.

Keep warm like never before by picking up your very own HigherDOSE’s Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 -- which is as fancy and efficient (and heat-inducing) as it sounds.

Thanks to its revolutionary design ... the V3 increases your body's thermal energy, which in turn, promotes a temporary increase in blood flow. As a result, your body behaves like it's working out even though you're simply relaxing.

Infrared sauna technology accomplishes more with less intense heat, resulting in the kind of detoxifying sweat that will leave you feeling lighter and more relaxed ... with glowing skin, less pain, and less soreness overall.

The benefits are next level ... offering an assist with mood regulation, weight loss, relaxation, burning calories, pain relief, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, and improved circulation.

Click here to get yours today, and put an end to winter blues.

Prices subject to change.

Trade Coffee Subscribe & Thrive w/ This Java ... Right to Your Front Door

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If you're looking for the perfect cup of coffee ... look no further than here.

It’s time to try Trade, a coffee marketplace that draws from brands all over the nation -- which you can have at your fingertips with delivery right to your front door.

Trade is a subscription service created to help coffee lovers find the perfect type of coffee for them -- sourcing over 400 coffees from 55 of America's top roasters ... to match coffee drinkers with the beans they love.

You can try a quiz that lets Trade analyze your coffee drinking habits and preferences so you know exactly where you start. Then ... you can choose the kind you want to subscribe to, changing up what you like as you go.

Trade uses a wide variety of different roasters so it can control every part of their coffee delivery experience, from frequency to flavor and everything in between. That way, there’s something for everyone to sip on, no matter what they prefer.

Now’s a great time to get started. Try this rise-and-shine life-saver today!

Prices subject to change.

Mmmm, Cookies Get All the Dough You Can ... Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen and Co.!!!

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There's nothing sweeter at this time of the year than scrumptious cookies -- and when it comes to cookies ... there's no better than these.

Nothing compares to Doughp’s Cookie Dough Cravings by Chrissy Teigen -- a scrumptious 3-pint pack of drool-worthy, legit cookie dough ... hand-picked by CT and the Cravings team.

A 3-pack includes pints of Chrissy Pie, a delicious take on her holiday Sweet Potato Streusel Pie recipe, but in cookie dough form. It’s been paired with two of Chrissy’s fave fall flavors ... including Cookie Monster (a cookies-and-cream flavor that’s blue) and Santa’s Doughp (a festive chocolate chip).

If your taste buds are intrigued, we got you covered. Chrissy Pie is a sweet potato cookie dough with candied pecans & cookie “pie crust” pieces. It has all the warming spices of the holiday season.

Not only is Doughp’s Cookie Dough Cravings by Chrissy Teigen delicious raw ... but it’s even better baked. And, it’s better for you than regular cookie dough, BTW -- thanks to its unique recipe.

Stock up on Cookie Dough Cravings by Chrissy Teigen before it’s all gone.

Prices subject to change.

Influencing 101 Become a Social Media Star ... Use This Kit for Success!!!

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Your followers need to see you in the right light, and there's none better than this.

During our exclusive Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters Sale ... you can get the iJoy 3-in-1 Social Media Kit -- which has everything you need to become a top-notch influencer.

Included in the kit, you'll get an LED ring light, wired mic, and phone stand -- an ideal trio of pieces to help you produce your own selfie-styled videos.

This media kit can help you improve your audio and video ... while exploring a new range of styles and flavors. Using the built-in LED ring light controls, you can explore 3 light temperature modes and over 10 brightness levels.

It's also easy to keep this gear charged, as you can plug it into any power supply that takes USB. The included universal, wired microphone can easily clip onto the desk mount to aid your podcasting and YouTube channel needs.

For a limited time, during our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters Sale, you can get the iJoy 3-in-1 Social Media Kit for just $24.97.

Prices subject to change.

iJOY 3-In-1 Social Media Kit

$24.97 at the TMZ Shop

Home Loans This Alternative Gets You Cash ... W/O a Monthly Payment!!!

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If you're a homeowner looking to tap your equity in the most efficient way possible ... you gotta take us up on this -- 'cause it may well just change your life.

A Hometap Equity Investment provides homeowners with a smart new loan alternative for tapping into their home equity without taking on new debt -- which might sound farfetched, but really isn't with this service.

Hometap isn’t a loan and never will be -- instead, it's actually an investment that Hometap makes in your property, alongside you, that provides you cash today in exchange for a share in your home's future value.

Because of this ... you never have to make any monthly payments for the duration of your contract with Hometap, like you would with a loan. And, there are no interest payments.

All you have to do is settle your contract with Hometap any time within 10 years. This is called Settling The Investment and there's a variety of ways to do this. Check 'em out today!

Prices subject to change.

Cooking Up Savings This Aluminum Pan Does It All ... W/ Multifunctional Use!!!

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Curtis Stone obviously knows what he's doing in the kitchen, and now you can too (at least on the surface) ... because the guy's got his own line of cookware up for grabs.

Start whipping up some delicious dishes with the Curtis Stone 4-Quart Cast Aluminum Pan with Glass Lid, now available as part of our Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster deal.

This pan comes with all kinds of features designed to make your cooking experience solid. It comes with a glass lid for steaming, slow-cooking ... and braising your food, and is made with cast aluminum and a stainless steel disc base to ensure your food is cooked evenly and effectively. Not just that -- but Dura-Pan's non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze.

One of the greatest benefits of using this pan is that it's versatile ... being able to withstand up to 450ºF in the oven, and can be used on any stovetop -- including induction stovetops!

Hurry, this deal is only available for a few days! Keep calm and chef on with the Curtis Stone 4-Quart Cast Aluminum Pan for just $32.97.

Prices subject to change.

Curtis Stone 4-Quart Cast Aluminum Pan

$32.97 at the TMZ Shop

Going Solar Find Out If This Can Save You $$$ ... Do It Through Us for Free!!!

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If you're curious about all this chatter over "solar energy" and whether it's a good move for you -- take our hand, and go on this journey ... which won't even cost ya a dime!

Understand Solar is a third-party solar power advocate that provides free personalized solar energy assessments. All you have to do is fill out their simple online form ... and provide a few details about your home.

After that, a solar energy expert will contact you via phone, go over your assessment -- and answer any questions you may have with no commitment required.

Your Understand Solar rep can teach you everything you need to know about going solar, including how solar energy systems work, how they connect to the public grid, how much solar panels cost ... and how long solar panels last. They can also help you understand all the financing and leasing options, as well as any government tax incentives available where you live.

If you’ve thought about going solar and want to find out if it makes sense for your sitch, take the Understand Solar assessment today. It’s 100% free, and it just might change your life!

Prices subject to change.

Speakly Language As Easy as 1, 2, 3 ... With the Help of This App!!!

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Don't be a one-language wonder -- spice up your life by learning a second ... or shoot, maybe even a third!

Get a Lifetime Subscription to Speakly for All Languages for a crash course on multi-lingual programming ... which can teach you a variety of languages from across the world.

The app combines science and computational algorithms to teach you the 4,000 most statistically relevant words of your target language in order of their importance -- and covers languages like Estonian, Russian, Spanish, and more. It gives thousands of people the ability to practice real-life situations right from your smartphone or computer.

Speakly is 10 times more affordable than a traditional language class. It covers a wide range of useful topics you can use in real life ... from shopping to directions, socializing, and ordering at a restaurant -- plus so much more!

This Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Deal will expire soon. Get the Speakly app now while this deal is still available for $48.99 when you use coupon code APPS30.

Prices subject to change.

Speakly: Lifetime Subscription

$48.99 at the TMZ Shop

Wipin' Up Cut Down on TP ... And Boost Hygiene w/ BioBidet!!!

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If you're ready for the ultimate bathroom upgrade -- look no further than a bidet ... more specifically, this one we're offering here.

BioBidet offers a variety of standalone bidets and toilets to choose from ... making sitting on the throne feel a lot more royal than it actually is.

The DIB Special Edition and Bliss BB-2000 bidet seats are 2 of BioBidet's top sellers, and great reasons why you need to upgrade to a bidet-based bathroom experience today. If you're looking for a comfortable, economically sound clean, then BioBidet has your back (side).

These top-rated seats offer customer-favorite comfort and luxury features ... like heated seats, unlimited warm water, auto open and close options, and much more. Some offer drying options as well as lights, so you don't have to go to the toilet in the dark.

They're perfect for increasing and improving your personal hygiene ... and will help you keep from wasting toilet paper in the long run.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve how you do your business ... head to BioBidet, who makes it their business!

Prices subject to change.

Keep It Clean! This 3-in-1 Mop ... Will Make Your Home Spotless!!!

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If you're sick and tired of using a ton of expensive cleaning tools and getting lackluster results -- we might just have a solution ... to keep your crib looking squeaky clean.

Eliminate the struggle and back-breaking work of mopping with this innovative 3-in-1 Elicto ES-350 spinning mop -- which does a whole lot in the confines of one, easy device.

The ES-530's special design combines three different elements to ensure your floors are spotless. It mops. It polishes. It scrubs ... all at the same time!

Fully wireless ... the ES-530 easily reaches and cleans all the otherwise inaccessible spots in your home. We're talking kitchen and bathrooms and all their nooks and crannies. This mop is powered by a 2,200mAh battery, giving you at least 30 minutes of operation after a full charge. With two high-speed mop heads -- the ES-530 cleans all types of surfaces for a sparkling, spotless clean.

Take advantage of this Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Deal while you can. It's only valid for a few days! Don't miss out on this game-changing cleaning tool for $129.97.

Prices subject to change.

3-in-1 Elicto Cordless Spin Mop & Polisher

$129.97 at the TMZ Shop

Multi-Lingual Learn a New Language ... Babbel Can Take You Around the World

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All the cool kids are doing it -- learning a new language, that is -- and now you can join the club ... assuming you have this.

It's easy to become multi-lingual with the Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) -- which will give you access to a plethora of dialects ... and teach you how to speak 'em with fluency.

Babbel is the #1 top-grossing language app in the world ... and it's got the credentials to back it up. Developed by over 100 expert linguists, Babbel is helping millions of people speak and understand a new language quickly (like Spanish, French, or Italian), with confidence and skill. It only takes a month to be able to speak more confidently about everyday topics like dining, shopping, making friends, transportation, and more.

Don't wait ... every moment you spend not taking advantage of this deal, you run the risk of losing out on it for good.

The Pre-Black Friday Doorbuster Deals are only around for a limited time, and this is the best time of the year to save money! Start learning a new language with Babbel today for just $199.

Prices subject to change.

Babbel Language Learning

$199 at the TMZ Shop

WFH Equipment Brighten Up Your Zoom Life ... With a Desk LiteBar!!!

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There's nothing worse than bad illumination during a Zoom call -- which is why we're to help ... by offering you one of these life-savers.

The CameraReady Single LiteBar Kit will save the day when it comes to attending virtual meetings or interviews at home ... and we have it available at a great price.

It's made with bright LEDs with 3000K warm white color temperature ... so you can look your best no matter what room of your home you're in or what the natural lighting is like around you.

This light is recommended to be placed horizontally on its tripod just above your computer screen -- or on its kickstand positioned between your keyboard and screen. The mini tripod connects to the litebar with a magnet ... making adjusting the light much easier. You can even use the touch switch dimmer to adjust the lighting to your preference!

Save an extra 15% on this smart buy today when you use coupon code SAVE15NOV at checkout. You'll only pay $59.49 during our Pre-Black Friday sale for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

CameraReady Single LiteBar Kit

$59.49 w/ code at the TMZ Shop

Hair Removal Get It Off Quick & Painless Use This Puppy to Get 'Er Done!!!

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Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and all that jazz -- you can say goodbye to it for good ... just so long as you use this.

The LastShave IPL Hair Removal Handset can be used on any part of your body, including your face and bikini area ... in just a few minutes, no less. No more visits to pricey hair removal salons -- and no long waits in the lobby.

You'll save hundreds of dollars in the long run with this innovative device and wonder why you ever bothered with shaving and waxing. In other words, don't pull a '40-Year-Old Virgin' ever again ... because now there's no need.

The Handset emits 600,000 flashes that offer 10+ years of life when used as recommended. Bottom line ... you'll be hair-free for a very long time.

Save an extra 15% off with code SAVE15NOV during our Pre-Black Friday Sale and pay only $76.46 for a limited time only.

Prices subject to change.

LastShave IPL Hair Removal Handset

$76.46 w/ code at TMZ Shop


Pre-Black Friday Sale Grab This Luxury Cooling Mattress At Hugely Discounted Price!!!

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You spend a lot of time sleeping in bed -- so if you're on there so much, you might as well make it as cool and cozy as possible ... emphasis on cool, though.

A true winner in chill bedding is the GhostBed Luxe 13" Cooling Mattress (King) ... providing a comfier, deeper sleep designed with the perfect combination of ghost ice fabric and gel memory foam cooling layers.

Waiting for your permission to load Vimeo video.

Recommended by Consumer Reports 2020 ... this is the only mattress with 2-stage core and surface cooling technology, and it's built with 7 collaborative layers: Ghost Ice Fabric, Cooling Fiber, Gel Memory Foam, a Ghost Ice Layer, Gel Memory Foam, a Ghost Bounce Layer, and a High-Density Support Layer.

Have the sweetest of dreams with the GhostBed Luxe 13" Cooling Mattress (King), which is on sale for $1,287.74 with code SAVE15NOV during our limited-time Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Prices subject to change.

GhostBed® Luxe 13" Cooling Mattress

$1,287.74 at the TMZ Shop

Fire Sale Wine It Up Ahead of Black Friday ... We Got All the Deals!!!

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Thirsty for a glass of wine??? Don't worry, and don't wait ... 'cause we got all the vino you could want and then some, which is at a major discount ahead of Black Friday when you use the code SAVE15NOV at checkout. Take a gander!

World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine + Free Shipping

Travel the world, in spirit, with the World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine + Free Shipping for $137.70.

Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles

No need to make wine runs to the store anymore, so long as you have the Winc Wine Delivery: $155 of Credit for 12 Bottles for $79.89.

Wine Insiders: 15 Bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon

Get your cab on with the Wine Insiders: 15 Bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon for $75.65.

Wine Insiders: 12 Bottles of White Wine

The Wine Insiders: 12 Bottles of White Wine is cheaper by the dozen ... at just $67.15.

Build Your Own Box of White Wines

If you're looking for a "skinny" buzz ... snag the Build Your Own Box of White Wines for only $25.46.

Summer Favorites: 15 Bottles of Wine

Summer doesn't have to end in August, at least not with the Summer Favorites: 15 Bottles of Wine for only $55.21.

Customer Favorites: 12 Bottles of Wine

The Customer Favorites: 12 Bottles of Wine for only $46.71 is up for grabs, exclusively though us.

Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle: 15 Bottles of Wine

Cop the Splash Wines Best Selling Summer Bundle of 15 Wines for only $55.25.

Splash Wines Tailgating Bundle: 12 Bottles of Wine & 3 Bottles of Margaritas

The Splash Wines Tailgating Bundle is now just $58.65.

The Fall BYO Back: Build Your Own Box of 4 Wines

Get the Fall BYO Pack of 4 Wines now for $25.49.

Prices subject to change.

Holiday Shopping Take a Gander at this Gift Guide ... Tons of Options Here!!!

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If you're already scratching your head about what to get your loved ones for the holidays -- allow us to make a few suggestions.

TMZ has an entire holiday gift guide here at your disposal -- touching on everything from winter fashion faves to tech-y gadgets ... and everything in between. The idea is ... you can have more than enough presents under the tree come December. Use the code SAVE15NOV for 15% off your purchases for any or all of these at checkout -- just a little discount on us.

First off, here's a cashmere scarf that you won't be able to find anywhere else -- it's called the Pashmina Scarf ... and you can snag it here for just $12.74. And no, we're not kidding!

Speaking of scarfs, here's another one to tickle your fancy -- it's the Oversized Wrap Scarf (Gray/White), and it's going for just $11.89. As you can see, it goes from scarf to shawl in one fell swoop.

Up next is a Katalina Convertible Backpack that's for sale here at only $33.96. It's the ultimate accessory for storing your personal belongings and valuables ... with its vegan leather material allowing for maximum space.

Time to get a little tech-savvy ... here's an alternative to an Apple Watch -- which can be pricey. It's called the Smart Fit Multi-Function Smartwatch Tracker & Monitor, and it's on the table for $29.74. Oh, and if you're looking for something specifically for your phone, check out this crossbody case while you're at it.

Back to wardrobe, check out these bathrobes -- courtesy of Waffle Terry Turkish -- that are up for grabs at $42.46 a pop. Speaking of getting ready for bed, peep this eye massager mask from Visionary that's only $25.45 or this TRAKK Body, Back & Neck Massager Pillow for $42.49.

We've got your skincare needs covered too -- with the Aira Facial Steamer + Bunny Ear Spa Headband and D24K Anti-Aging Skincare Bundle ... priced at $45.04 and $76.49, respectively. If you're looking to scrub all that product into your pores, use the Ultimate Spin Daily Cleansing Facial System for just $28.04.

Last but not least, here's a little bling to make your holidays ring. No, but seriously ... we have a 15-piece Opal Assorted Ring Set with Swarovski Crystals set here for ya as well, only $11.89 through us.

So with all that, whatcha waiting for??? Get shopping, people!!!

Prices subject to change

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