Body Hair Get Rid of The Extra Fuzz ... Snap Up a Nood Now!!!

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Tired of spending money on razors, the pain of waxing, dealing with ingrown hairs, and constantly growing unwanted hair? The Flasher 2.0 by Nood is the easy-to-use laser hair removal tool you've been waiting for, and it's now only $119.

This refurbished item is rated "B" because it has some light cosmetic markings, like scuffs, but has been tested and is fully functional. The Flasher 2.0 by Nood is a painless hair removal tool featuring light-based technology that can be used anywhere on your body where there's hair growth, including your upper lip, underarms, bikini area, and legs.

Twice-a-week use will show visible results in as little as 2 months, letting you say bye-bye to unwanted hair for good. FDA-cleared, it won't damage your skin as it effectively targets the melanin in your hair follicle to destroy it from the root. That means no skin irritation, no cold or burning sensation, and no pain.

You only deserve the best, so get the Flasher 2.0 by Nood for just $119 and make hair removal a breeze.

Prices subject to change.

Valentine's Day Make Him Happy ... W/ The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

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If the man in your life is a gamer, this 2-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription is sure to make a perfect gift for him this holiday.

Get your special man more out of his gaming experience with this pass that gives access to over 100 high-quality games. There's always something new to play, thanks to new titles being added regularly. Also, enjoy instant access to EA Play and other members-only benefits (like trials of select games) to create an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

All the benefits of Xbox Live Gold are also included, like free games every month and discounts up to 50% off in the Xbox Store. And, for gamers who like a community, Xbox Cloud Gaming allows them to connect with millions of other Xbox console players.

Make your gamer's Valentine's Day one to remember with this Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 2-month subscription for just $9.99 (reg. $29). Also, new users can save nearly $20!!!

Prices subject to change.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 2-Month Subscription

$9.99 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

Apple Products Save Big on This MacBook Pro!!!

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Flowers and candies are popular gifts for Valentine's Day, but those items can come across as uninspired and don't last more than a few days ... unlike what we have to offer here.

This refurbished Macbook Pro is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen with a 2560 x 1600 Retina display, providing quality screening so your partner can work on projects and stream Netflix. It also has 4GB RAM, 500GB of storage, and an Intel Core i5 processor.

This refurbished Macbook Pro is an ideal device for your partner to take on the go. They can accomplish remote tasks throughout the day without worrying about recharging. They can also transfer files and access an array of apps with wireless connectivity, and use the 720p FaceTime HD camera to talk to their coworkers, family, and of course, yourself.

Pass on the standard box of chocolates and get your partner this refurbished 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro for only $299.99. This deal ends 11:59 PM Pacific on February 6, but be sure to order by February 3rd to ensure delivery for V-Day.

Prices subject to change.

Apple Macbook Pro 13.3" - Silver (Refurbished)

$299.99 at the TMZ Shop


Spa Day Treat Yourself ... With a Light Therapy Mask!!!

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If you're looking for a great gift for your mom, sister, or bestie this V-Day, look no further than this LED light mask, which is on sale for $29.99.

This revolutionary, non-invasive skincare lighting system offers 7 levels of care for a variety of skin issues, including fine lines, discoloration, texture, and wrinkles. The LED light settings can target different skin concerns based on your needs.

Regular use of this light therapy mask can help achieve smoother, softer, and younger-looking skin. Enjoy a spa-like experience with every use, all while getting that extra glow. Please note DermaTreat is not intended for use on pimples, cystic acne, whiteheads, or blackheads.

Make every day a spa day for your loved ones who love getting pampered (even if that person is you). Get the DermaTreat Light Therapy Mask now for just $29.99 (reg. $89.99).

Prices subject to change.

DermaTreat Light Therapy Mask

$29.99 at the TMZ Shop


Game On Xbox Game Pass Subscription ... Elevate Your Gaming Experience

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If you're easily bored, or just can't get enough of games even as an adult, then you owe it to yourself to get more out of your gaming experience with this 1-month subscription of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $9.99 from January 24 until January 30.

With over 100 high-quality games, and new titles constantly being added, there's always something new to play, whether you use a console, PC, or mobile devices and tablets. Also, get instant access to EA Play for no additional cost and other members-only benefits to create an immersive gaming experience you won't be able to get enough of. If you're a kid-at-heart, or maybe consider yourself a "kidult", you're going to really love this subscription.

On top of all that, enjoy access to all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, including up to 50% off in the Xbox Store, and get Xbox Game Studios titles the very day they're released. Your Free Perks include in-game content and partner offers.

This subscription to Xbox's Game Pass has earned a 5 out of 5-star rating, with one customer reviewing, "Great option for anyone looking to reactivate a Game Pass subscription and save! Also, a good gift option."

You'll be wondering how you ever lived without this subscription and can indulge your inner kid playing Xbox. Get a 1-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $9.99 (reg. $14.99). Score this deal before it ends on January 30.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: 1-Month Subscription

$9.99 at the TMZ Shop

Prices subject to change.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game Bundle is Only $3.99 ... Nostalgia Alert!

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Are you an adult who likes 'kid' things like toys and games instead of 'real' adult things like vacuum cleaners? Are you someone who's excited by nostalgia? And, are you a 'Star Wars' fan? Then you might be what we call a 'kidult' and it's a great day to be you.

Indulge your inner 'Star Wars' nerd with this Steam-powered Star Wars game bundle, which includes Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. Make your inner child giddy with these nostalgic games, and even better, it's now only $3.99 from January 24 until January 30.

This game allows you to unlock new powers (over 40 of them) and weapons while becoming fully engulfed in an immersive, action-packed, and turn-based role-playing experience. Choose from 9 customizable characters, including humans and droids, to build your crew of 3 adventurers.

These 'Star Wars' games earned 5 out of 5-star ratings with rave reviews. One customer wrote, "As a lover of all things 'Star Wars,' this was just too good of a deal to pass up!"

Go on this 'Star Wars' adventure to make or break the destiny of the galaxy. Get The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Bundle now for only $3.99 (reg. $19.98). Deal ends January 30.

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Bundle

$3.99 at the TMZ Shop

Prices subject to change.

Ultra Fast Wireless Charger Only $39.99 for a Limited Time

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Can't live without your phone? If you use your phone regularly for games, social media, or for just taking videos of everything, you've probably found yourself hovering at 20% or lower on your smartphone. It's time to avoid the ever awful feeling of knowing your phone's about to die, and meet your new tech best friend: the wireless charger.

This sleek and compact wireless magnetic charger for your iPhone is only $39.99 and quickly starts charging as soon as you pop it onto the back of your phone. Plus, it's got a small display that shows you the battery percentage.

It charges iPhone 8 and newer models wirelessly, plus all Qi-enabled wireless devices (including Androids). However, iPhone 12 or newer is required for the magnetic attachment feature. It's also small and discreet, so you can carry it around with you in your pocket, purse, or backpack as you go about your day. This charger even protects your device from overcharging.

This charging addition has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars, with customers raving, "Love that I no longer have to worry about being out and about and my phone battery dying. I pop on this charger and it keeps my phone charged."

Whether you're constantly using your phone for work, love the endless scroll or enjoy playing games, you'll be glad to have this handy device to avoid running out of juice. Get the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for $39.99 for a limited time.

Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone

$39.99 at the TMZ Shop

Prices subject to change.

See New Heights Get This 4K Drone Set for $129.99

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Oh, to be a kid again! If you're looking to bring out your inner child and get outside more, a drone is the perfect toy for "kidults" to play with.

This 2-for-1 drone bundle gives you two high tech drones that give you a bird's-eye view to explore the world with. And during the Kidults Campaign, TMZ readers can score this for $129.99 for a limited time.

This buy one, get one free deal on drones lets you see the world from new heights and angles, as it includes two drones with dual cameras. The Alpha Z PRO comes in sleek black with an ultra HD dual camera, while the Flying Fox has a clean silver finish with a 4K wide angle dual camera. Both share similarities like WiFi connectivity, altitude hold mode for a stable hovering fly to secure stunning shots, real time FPV to view images on the app on your phone or tablet, a one key automatic return enabling both drones to find their way back automatically and much more.

The Alpha Z PRO drone can fly for up to 9 minutes, while the Flying Fox drone goes for up to 12 minutes. The latter also includes a follow function that connects the distance between the aircraft and the controller to link them, as well as gesture control, which allows you to take a photo or record videos just by doing hand gestures.

Experience the childhood awe of new sights and heights again. Get this dual-camera drone bundle with the Alpha Z PRO 4K and Flying Fox 4K Wide-Angle for just $129.99, from January 24 until January 30.

Prices subject to change.

Converse Like A Local These Earbuds Translate Conversations

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It's a no-brainer to learn at least a few common phrases of the local language when visiting a foreign country, but when you find yourself without enough time to get a handle on things before you land, knowing how to say "hello" won't be much help. In that case, you could use a translation tool that goes beyond just Google Translate.

You shouldn't let language barriers stop you from having the time of your life. These wireless translator earbuds from Peiko are designed to help you converse smoothly with locals using real-time AI translation, and for a limited time, TMZ readers can snag a pair for just $79.99, which is 36% off the regular price.

Rarely can you score quality translation earbuds that aren’t upwards of $100, so this deal is too good to pass up. These earbuds pack powerful technology that helps record and translate up to 50 different languages simultaneously, allowing you to interact with ease or learn your language of choice in a more immersive way. It has a highly sensitive built-in microphone that works to capture sounds precisely down to their soundwave construction, resulting in translations with impressive accuracy.

Three modes of travel translations are available, allowing you to converse one-on-one or in a group setting. When you speak, the earphones will translate your words into your selected language, which would then be read aloud via the app on your phone. When other people speak, the earbuds will then feed the translation straight to your ears. It's straight-up magic!

Usually retailing for $125, you can score the Peiko Generation wireless translator earbuds for only $79.99.

Peiko Generation 2 Wireless Translator Earbuds

$79.99 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

MacBook Air Get This Like-New Mac For Less Than $400

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In case you haven't heard, Apple just released the M2 and M2 Pro chips, which are pretty much the processors of all processors, at least in the Apple ecosystem. Developed for use in Macs and iPads, they're expected to perform at lightning speed and deliver an even more impressive performance in terms of multitasking. The downside? Expect to drop more dough on laptops.

But, who says you have to spend thousands on a Mac when you can snag a refurbished laptop for a quarter of the price of a new one and do Mother Nature a solid too? For less than $400, you can get a 2017 new-to-you MacBook Air, with many of the features you've come to enjoy in Apple products.

Built for portability and productivity, this lightweight laptop packs a 13.3-inch Pro Retina display for crystal-clear graphics, an Intel Core i5 processor that lets you browse and stream with absolute ease, and 128GB of memory that stores all your essential files, with plenty more room for apps and media.

Ideal for travel, its battery life lasts up to 12 hours of web browsing on a single charge, and its WiFi connectivity allows you to go online anywhere. It also clocks in at only two pounds, so you'll have no trouble taking it anywhere.

For a limited time, TMZ readers can grab this refurbished 2017 MacBook Air for only $379.99.

Apple MacBook Air 13.3" (2017)

$379.99 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

Private VPN Save $150 and Keep Your Info Private

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It may be the start of Data Privacy Week, but if you're a smart online citizen, data privacy is a year-round thing for you. Keep your information safe and secure with a lifetime subscription to the HideAway VPN, which is now just $49.99, the best online pricing out there!

HideAway reinvents and improves the VPN with its flexible rules, faster speeds, and 'Always On' capability to make sure you're always protected. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're safe from hackers while still able to access all of your favorite sites on the web anywhere in the world.

Waiting for your permission to load Vimeo video.

This VPN masks your IP address with anonymous IP addresses so you can't be tracked and it encrypts your Internet traffic. Torrent-friendly, it allows you to download as many torrents as you like—and fast. If you happen to lose Internet connection, HideAway's built-in kill switch will cut the connection so there's no danger of your real IP address leaking. It's also automatically secured against IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leaks.

On top of it all, it's lightning-fast and is 2-7x faster than other VPNs. You can enjoy international high-speed servers and no data limits as well. But, an important note to keep in mind is that HideAway's VPN works with Windows operating systems only.

Don't put yourself at risk of losing your privacy — grab the HideAway VPN's lifetime subscription now at this great price of $49.99 for security and peace of mind.

HideAway VPN: Lifetime Subscription

$49.99 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

Mold Testing Kit Find Out What's In Your Air

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We hate to break it to you, but mold is literally everywhere, even in the cleanest of homes. It only becomes a problem when there's an outbreak and mold spores find their way into spaces that are moist and warm, which then leads to further growth. That's when a room in your home becomes musty, damp, and generally icky.

Mold buildup can be extremely dangerous if no action is taken. With this test kit from Got Mold?, you can immediately identify whether or not there's an outbreak in your home, and it's just $199.

This kit delivers professional-quality mold testing in less than half an hour. There's no need to call for a professional inspector to do the work, as the package comes equipped with spore traps for quick and easy air sampling. You then send the samples to the lab via the prepaid return mailer provided, and in less than a week of analysis, you'll find out if your home has been infested with mold growth.

It's also worth noting that the lab analysis is performed by one of the country's leading microbiology labs and according to the highest of standards, so you know you're getting reliable and accurate results.

Find out what's in your air with the Got Mold? Test Kit. For a limited time, TMZ readers can grab it for only $199.

Got Mold? 1 Room Test Kit

$199 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

Produce Quality Content AI-Powered App Writes SEO Posts

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People often fear that artificial intelligence will steal their jobs, but more often than not, AI-powered tools exist to make your life easier and not seize your paycheck altogether. For tedious digital tasks like putting together long-form content for SEO purposes, an AI tool can make short work of churning out quality results.

Case in point: is an AI platform that is trained to produce unique content that can help make your business, blog, or social media get more traction. It's developed to generate tailored, plagiarism-free content, so you won't have to spend hours tweaking and fact-checking every article.

With the internet being an incredibly saturated space, ranking on the first page of search engines seems an insurmountable goal. But thanks to, you can develop original content with AI packed with relevant SEO keywords, so that your articles can compete with even the biggest players.

You even have the option to generate up to 25 articles at a time, all of which you can publish to your site directly via WordPress and Shopify integration. If you insist on tweaking content further, you can regenerate sections of the article that need changing. The flexible editor lets you sprinkle in your own flair to the written pieces, as well as add any relevant media.

Produce full-length SEO articles with a single click and AI power. For a limited time, TMZ readers can get a lifetime subscription to for only $39. Pilot: Lifetime Subscription

$39 at the TMZ Shop


Prices subject to change.

4-in-1 Declutter & Charge Several Devices ... All at the Same Time!!!

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Say goodbye to wire clutter and fighting over chargers and power outlets. This 4-in-1 multi-port charger makes it easy, mess-free, and drama-free to power up all of your devices.

It’s now on sale for only $17.99, which is nearly 50% off the regular price of $34.99. It has four different connectors, including Lightning, USB-C, Micro, and even an Apple Watch charger. Yep, that means you can charge up to 4 different devices all at the same time!

The 4-in-1's cords are made of top-quality TPE, nylon braided cable, and aluminum shell -- all of which are guaranteed to make it last. It measures a little less than four feet (1.2m), so you can comfortably use your smartphone or other devices from a distance while they're charging. While this is a great gadget for your WFH or office desk or any other small space, you can also connect it inside your car and charge your devices on the go.

Seriously, it's time to simplify your life and declutter your desk or nightstand with this 4-in-1 multi-port charging cable. Make it yours for only $17.99 and never look back.

Prices subject to change.

4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charging Cable

$17.99 at the TMZ Shop


Microsoft Surface 3 This Tablet's a Good Alternative ... To Pricey Apple!!!

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Looking for a superior tablet but don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars? Look no further than right here!

This refurbished Microsoft Surface can easily connect to accessories like a mouse, printer, or Ethernet adapter. It also comes with its own kickstand so you can prop it up to more comfortably view your screen while working or watching your favorite movies and videos.

If you need versatility from a tablet, this Surface is the way to go. With a quad-core Intel Atom x7-Z8700 processor, 1920x1280 resolution, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage (expandable to 200GB with a microSD card), this tablet is great for watching HD movies, surfing the internet, using all of your fave apps, and taking your work projects on the go.

Enjoy the luxury of up to 3 screens, thanks to the Mini DisplayPort for 1 display and a USB port for a second display. You can easily recreate your WFH setup anywhere with this MS Surface. And with its lasting battery, you can get up to 10 hours from a single charge.

Give yourself a tablet with all the features you need and more. Get this refurbished Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet now for only $169.99.

Prices subject to change.

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet 10.8" 64GB Windows 10 (Refurbished)

$169.99 at the TMZ Shop

Pearly Whites This Electric Toothbrush ... Is a Certified Winner!!!

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One thing you shouldn't neglect giving a deep clean are your chompers. A high-quality electric toothbrush can help you scrub your pearly whites the way dentists expect you to.

You don't have to break the bank to get your paws on a top-of-the-line brush. For a limited time, you can score this electric toothbrush and travel case for just $29.99, which is even lower than Amazon's pricing!

Equipped with a powerful 40,000 VPN motor, this ADA-approved AquaSonic toothbrush is designed to remove up to 10 times more plaque than a traditional brush, giving your teeth a deep clean with every use. The AquaSonic lets you customize your brushing experience with various cleaning modes. A soft mode is available for people with sensitive chompers, and you can switch to massage mode if you want to give your gums a treat.

With this brush, you can give your mouth the deep cleaning it needs, all while dissolving pesky stains of your teeth. It even comes with a travel case and 8 replacement brush heads, so you'll have no problem bringing it with you anywhere.

Pamper your pearly whites and grab the AquaSonic toothbrush, travel case, and replacement heads for only $29.99.

Prices subject to change.

AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush

$29.99 at the TMZ Shop


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