Kottonmouth Kings Rapper My Partner Screwed Me Out of Millions


Kottonmouth Kings frontman Daddy X says his former business partner totally bogarted him ... but not out of a fat joint ... out of millions of dollars.

X says for more than 5 years Kevin Zinger -- co-founder of his record label -- illegally paid himself a total of $600k more than his approved salary.

And Daddy claims his ex-partner used their record label to pimp out Zinger's clothing line -- and he raked in tons of money -- but didn't hook Daddy or the company up with any cheddar.

The frontman for the popular stoner-rap group says he asked Zinger for the company financials in 2011 ... but never got them -- and two years later, was fired from his own company in retaliation.

The rapper wants his ex-partner to ante up $15 mil.

Zinger -- who is still the label's C.E.O. -- says NOT GUILTY in a lengthy YouTube video.

Kottonmouth Kings Pakelika DEAD

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Former Kottonmouth Kings member Pakelika -- known as the "Visual Assassin" -- died Saturday night due to health complications.

The hip-hop-punk-rock band posted on Facebook early Saturday evening, announcing their former bandmate and hype man had been admitted to the hospital with "serious heath issues."

An hour later they updated the post to confirm his passing, saying, "It is with saddened hearts we have heard that Pakelika has passed away. May his soul rest in peace. Thanks for all the years & all the memories, respect Kmk."

Pakelika was best known for the white face mask he wore during KMK performances, crazy dance moves, smoking weed and never speaking during the show.

'Kottonmouth Kings' Lead Singer STABBED

Daddy X -- lead singer of the band Kottonmouth Kings -- is recovering from surgery today after being stabbed in the neck.

So far, the details surrounding the stabbing are unclear ... but after the surgery, Daddy -- real name Brad Xavier -- posted a message to his fans saying, "Surgery went well...no major arteries...thanks for the love and concern...got some pain meds and in recovery!!"

A rep for the band was unable to comment -- telling TMZ he was still trying to gather information.

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