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Chaos in Court Over 'NYPD Blue' Star

2/18/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"NYPD Blue" star Gail O'Grady won a permanent restraining order against a man she claims stalked her and her five-year-old son, but not before the man went ballistic inside the courtroom.

Steven Church was in court this morning for the hearing, when things weren't going his way. O'Grady wasn't present, but her P.I., Scott Ross -- who tailed Church during the investigation -- was too much for Church to take. He stormed out of the courtroom, then stormed back in.

Church apparently made all the wrong moves because Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the stay away order.

During the hearing Church admitted sending more than 400 text messages to O'Grady.


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Cappy Lills Kid    

I hope she has some good bodyguards - 2 women in my area were recently murdered by their stalkers. I am gonna pray for the victims and not the perpetrator.

1670 days ago


I second James' sentiment. Ms. O'Grady and Mr. Church should be allowed to move on from this. Their mistakes are their own, and should not be judged. They can seek the appropriate avenue for their impulses.

1670 days ago


A source at TMZ did confirm that Scott Ross was the person who leaked this story to them. He failed to leave out the information regarding harassing and threatening Steven Church that day, which there are witnesses to this happening. Why was Ross there in the first place? O'Grady's attorney would've already submitted his signed testimony and findings to the judge in her reports. And why does Ross feel it is his job to expose this story to the press? Is that a new job responsibility for private investigators in LA? And physically threatening his client's supposed stalker? Sounds like there's more to this story.

1670 days ago


Sounds like some kind of fraud went on, since when do the stalker and the alleged victim (who feared for her life) enter into an agreement outside of the court case? Did the agreement have to do with the job Church was supposed to have offered her? Is he going to get his money, along with the gifts that were "left at the door" back and if so, what about his reputation? If he wasnt treated as a stalker by Ms O'Grady until it was convenient to do so (the first story said it was to hide something going on with her business), then the judge was right that he should file a lawsuit against her and her legal team, because he's been painted as a threat. How does he move on from that?
TMZ can usually get a hold of court papers, how about clearing this up by getting a hold of the on record remarks made, maybe it'll help one or the other of the parties involved be seen in the correct light?

1669 days ago

Dwayne C.    

Mr. Church,

You need to Sue Scott Ross for defamation. You will win that case.
You only risk a SLAPP suit by Ross. You shouldnt have to worry based on the actual facts and witness accounts.

If O'Grady is smart, she will wake up and sue Ross for ruining her and apoligize to you in a press release. If she doesn't, it is not likely she will work in Hollywood again. Nobody will want to touch her... too risky.

No reputable journalist would put thier name on this article. This is why is is credited to TMZ Staff.

Dont bother suing TMZ or Harvey Levin. Although they are a large part of the problem by publishing garbage, they will hide behind the first ammendment.

1655 days ago


anonlawyer, it was confirmed that both pieces were written by Ross, but what PI is going to submit something without approval from the person paying their bill?

If you are a lawyer, what about the statements she made in court about fearing for her life only to then seek a settlement out of court - does that constitute perjury?

From accounts here, she took him for a ride knowing he was smitten and would do anything for her, even put up with what is alleged to be over the top attempts at contact on his part. He has friends, out here that means word travels so if she deliberately used him, she has a ways to go to clear it all up. She could try saying that Ross was acting on his own, but, he was working for her at the time. I reiterate what I said in the first piece - sounds like both of them need some therapy to deal with issues - of usary and overstepping.

1655 days ago

su.san smith    

she is an nice person. I worked with her on an show 2 yrs ago and now it explains why she was always so tense.

1671 days ago


this guy sounds nuts they let him walk oyt of there wow what ever happened to contempt charges ? i always thought if you act a fool in court a judge can make you pay a fine or go to jail ? whats up with this ?

1671 days ago


Why did that nutjob have her phone number?

1671 days ago

Jim Gothhelm    

Your story is way way way off. The case got dismissed. Church was calm, this Ross guy was "ordering Church to go back home." A female at the same time was dmanding he sign something. Church said not without his attorney. Ross and Church made some other comments.
About ten mintues later Church walked back in. He did not go "balistic" in fact he was quite calm. He denied the alleagtions.
Where do you get your info?

1671 days ago


Actually, the story is totally true. This guy was crazy. The bailiff needed to intervene. He threatened the investigator and started screaming obscenities about Gail O'Grady in the hallway. No one asked him to sign anything that I saw. I thought he was going to hit someone. I was there for another TRO and he reminded me of the guy I want to get out of my life. Why do actresses fall for crazy men.

1671 days ago

Jim Gothhelm    

Actually it is not true. Yes Church was upset caused by the investigator's bullying actions and he had every right to be upset. But in no way did he go crazy. Church went to the balliff and asked the balliff to intervene.

1671 days ago

Scott Ross    

"Tom" may be one of you many personalities, Mr. Church, but no matter what you are calling yourself today, or which personality you are hiding behind, remember the juge restrained YOU. You can write whatever you want and say whatever you want on this forum, but no one else was there but you. I suggest you seek some professional help, adjust your medication, do whatever it takes to move on with your life.

1671 days ago


Tim/Tom, or whoever you are. You are delusional. Here is exactly how it went down. Facts is facts, deal with it.

O'grady Wins Permanent Ban Against Alleged Stalker

O'grady Wins Permanent Ban Against Alleged Stalker
A Los Angeles judge has granted actress GAIL O'GRADY a permanent restraining order against an alleged stalker after the suspect threw a tantrum in the courtroom.

The former NYPD Blue star won a temporary ban against Steven Church last month (Jan10) after he bombarded her with text messages and phone calls when she rebuffed his advances.

He was also accused of repeatedly showing up at a store O'Grady owns and outside her five-year-old son's school.

Church returned to court on Thursday (18Feb10) and admitted to sending O'Grady more than 400 text messages from September (09).

He then attempted to storm out of the courtroom after realising the actress was not present for the hearing.

Upon his return to the stand, Judge Carol Boas Goodson ordered Church to stay at least 100 yards (91 meters) away from O'Grady and her son for the foreseeable future.

1671 days ago

Todd da Man    

I always wonder why people - especially women, waste their time in getting restraining orders. If someone wants to put a bullet in your head do you honestly think that words on a piece of paper will protect you? lol Gail O'Grady = epic fail if you think a pice of paper will actually protect you!!

If someone is crazy enough or angry enough to want to hurt you they will. And if some fool PI came around to hassle me, it'd be the last thing that he did.

1671 days ago
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