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Dwyane Wade Divorce Deposition: STD Lies

4/2/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That shocking STD accusation in NBA star Dwyane Wade's divorce is a big nasty lie, according to sworn testimony in legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Siohvaughn Wade has claimed in legal docs the Miami Heat guard gave her chlamydia. But during a deposition, Andrea Williams ... a close friend of the Wades -- claimed Siohvaughn told her she contracted the disease from another man.

Williams testified in her depo, Siohvaughn was seeing another man during her marriage -- and claims she was present in 2007 when Mrs. Wade accused the boyfriend of giving her the STD.

But enough about chlamydia. Williams also claims in her depo that Siohvaughn bought a T-Mobile cell phone for her BF. Dwyane is a T-Mobile spokesperson. Guess who's not making his fave five?

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1632 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Any marriage can have problems, doesn't matter what color or nationality you are A helen@lynnandbrown.com.au

1627 days ago


In response to number fifteen, if it is proven that she cheated on him then the divorce will be her fault and that would be taken into consideration when the issue of alimony comes up because if it wasn't her fault then he would be expected to continue supporting the life she is accustomed too but since it would be considered her fault the judge may not see it that way. So she may not get much out of this divorce at all.

1599 days ago


Don't these people have any pride? This woman sounds like a woman with few morals, no education and little sense. It is one thing to get an STD but what kind of a woman (and mother)chooses to broadcast it to the whole world?

1598 days ago


if you had the usa why the freak you come over here for weirdo

1597 days ago


No John. i don't think spelling class failure is a direct result. Besides, my spelling class never included names. did yours? As usual you are ignorant of a culture outside of your own and make assumptions and "prejudge".African-Americans,via slavery, which happened to last over 300 years in this country,were robbed of our original culture and names,freedom,lifestyle, etc.And with that we were forced to create our own from the cultures seen around us.So often we change spellings and pronunciations to take some ownership of certain names and terms and evolve them into our self created culture.Be happy that you can trace your family tree and don't find someone from a slaveship on the 3rd branch.

1597 days ago


he's been cheating on her.. since befor they even moved to miami. thats girl should just play her cards right or she might end up on basketball wives. devorced and with money.. but very lonely!!!!

1597 days ago


I can't trace my family history & I really don't care. I guess that means my parents should have given me some screwed up name that no one can spell. Talk about saddling your kid from the beginning.

1394 days ago


I am glad to be single!!!

1244 days ago


Andrea Williams is a close friend of the Wades? Sounds like she's close to D. Wade to me...lol

I wonder how much Ms. Williams was paid to lie?

1192 days ago

Tina Toma tmt    

Dwyane alot of influencial people converse and support you not simply me. This morning I thought about you and although Ive read seen many pictures my thought took me to a level that I've not gone to before. I met a lady here in broward she advanced and surpassed her spouse to a level of wealth and inheritance that her cup runnuth over. Dwyane God blessed you in a manner in which you deserved . You spoke on it and it developed. You have close friends of status. Dwyane I cannot help that Im not at your level . Realistically I've read about many successful women and men . You advanced with hard work and sincerity . Who really cares what I think but I know you didnt give Siohvsughn STD's and also she was hurting and at the same time somewhat vengful. I really dont know if I"LL ever forget my previous experiences however difficult they were. Youve advanced and found some one you enjoy and it shows . That you get along with Gabriel but is Gabriel selfish with you. Do you have assets together? I thing I suggest in Gods overseeing eye unless you married I wouldnt combine financial things together. I met someone that said they liked Gabriel I think of her because she has spent significant amounts of time with you. Why am i at a computer that THE HILTONS I wrote a important letter and typed it for a personal problem I've had concerning me only. Often times I've wondered if you even think of me. I've not ever had a home of my own, but if I were able to acquire a home or purchas a home would I yes. Slow your role what did I mean please dont take that negitivly, Dwyane you and the celeb status is on your level. no im wouldnt know if your egotistical, nor do I entertain that thought. But although you know where your hearts at. and you do know I read WHAT Queen Latifah said its spiritual. I mentioned short women with brown hair Dwyane Im me and I know things are out of sorts . Question not once have you yet to communicate or really recipricate. Dont go through other be more direct go forward with me and let me know in person what you truely feel without hurting my feelings. Because Dwyane I dont believe in previous lives why tell . How would you feel if you were really into a individual and after a year the recipiant was still very quiet. I was told not to use this computer Dwyane negitivity isnt something that need s to be spread about. I as of today try not to fester in negitivity. My cir****tances are not yet developed some day I might be blessed with a house. Dwyane your not only in a different generation but also in a certain mindset that I would love to know if you do read this and my contiual request for help !!!!!!What do you wish to occurr with me (Dwyane and Tina)) Im tired not physically not mentally its a tired thats today not a tired that I can explain. Let me come to know you yes I do the job I have because its essential. Dwyane Im communicating . HOPE in the place of hope DwyaneI love you Tina

1123 days ago
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