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Roseanne's Ex:

She Made Me Pay for Costco!

10/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr makes $300,000 per month ... and she won't even honor her promise to fly her ex-hubby to Hawaii to visit their kid ... this according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

Ben Thomas -- Rosie's former bodyguard/husband from 1995 to 2002 -- claims earlier this year, Roseanne decided she wanted to move to Hawaii with their 15-year-old son. Ben gave Rosie the right to move with their kid, and in exchange Rosie agreed to fly Ben and his new wife to Hawaii every month for 10 days on Rosie's dime.  The whole deal was reduced to writing.

Now, here's where it gets nasty ...

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Barr canceled Ben's plane tickets just hours before his first flight ... then fired off an email to him saying, "I decided that I'm no longer interested in abiding by this ridiculous arrangement."

She continues, "You want to visit [our son]? Buy yourself a ticket, book a room ... See you in court."

Ben -- who claims his wealth "pales in comparison" to Roseanne's -- says he ultimately paid for his own 1st class tickets to Hawaii ... but to even out the cost, he "ate at inexpensive restaurants, rented a Dodge Charger, and filled up with gas at Costco."

Dude now wants a judge to force Roseanne to honor the deal and reimburse him for the trip -- including the Costco run.


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Another loser ex with his hand out. WAH WAH WAHHHHHHHHHH! Chump.

1430 days ago

small asian penis    

Roseanne is awesome, love her, love the show...

I can see flying him out, but why would she assume his new wife's bills? That makes no sense.

I hope this is PR for a new ROSEANNE SHOW!!!

1429 days ago


Disgusting he's using his only child to extort More Money from her. He got a beautiful home in El Segundo from her in the divorce, Several luxury cars, Boats, an RV, and classic cars he tours around the country with. He's never worked since he was her bodyguard. He lived in a garage before he married her...not hard to figure out. Maybe Roseanne took her son to Hawaii so he wouldn't have to live in the constant humiliation with his peers because he has a Father like this.

1428 days ago


Sad he's using his child to extort More Money from her. Besides having a beautiful Home in El Segundo Roseanne bought him he managed to get several Motor cycles, boats, luxury autos, and several classic cars out of the divorce. He lived in a garage before he married her. You figure it out.

1428 days ago


the guy's a predatory con man. he married a much older, richer woman, got a huge divorce settlement, flew himself first class instead of coach booked well in advance, and the obvious solution is for the two ex spouses to share the coach ticket of the kid to fly to the mainland to his father's house, where his dad can meet him at the airport and host him during summer vacation and every other holiday like Xmas and Thanksgiving, and during spring break to total 120 days of visitation, at their kid's father's expense for room, board, gasoline and entertainment. He should be buying half of his kid's clothing, paying for half of the boarding school's tuition, and daddy dearest should also spring for at least half of the kid's college education as well, if he wants to call himself a father! He's just a moneygrubbing, exploitative jerk! Where are our legislators while all this is going on? Get a move on, all fifty states and DC and Puerto Rico, and federal government, and make daddy pay out to all parties to a marriage, the spouse as well as to the kids in trust equal amounts of HIS assets and income! Most stupid state laws only require him to pay one sixth of his current income, not any of his assets, when he bails out of his marriage! And we also need laws that if you sample the milk, you gotta buy the cow! That means any sex outside of marriage, and bingo! You're in a marriage automatically! With all of its obligations and responsibilities! Wouldn't that be nice for the kids who result from these liaisons that men take so casually? It'd be good for the criminal justice system to take these lotharios off the streets where they are just spreading venereal disease and freeloading off their lady friends! Marriage or 30 years in jail! Makes marriage look more attractive, doesn't it? Or maybe we should just have the sentence of lopping off their puppydog tails and the family jewels! Takes care of one big problem at a time, and automatic birth control of undesirables!

1304 days ago


Ben needs to get off his ass and pay up...Why should Roseanne pay for his new wife to tag along?? Its not her kid..I could see her getting trapped into that agreement..that guy is a conniving, gold digger..he only saw dollar signs when he hooked up with her..She made the bucks not him..not he's crying about it>??!?! WTF!!!

1304 days ago


You know she screwed up by even having a kid with this idiot. I feel bad for the kid cause once again parents putting their feelings before him. Why should she keep supporting this deadbeat after she divorced him Im sure he got a nice settlement and who gives a crap about paying for his new wife. All you against Rosie I hope your karma never comes back to bite you cause your stupid. No one deserves to be treated like she is money or no money. You don't have to like her but god show some compassion this guy is a gold digger and doesn't care about his relationship with his kid that he is complaining about where he is eating or what car he is driving or what skank he gets to bring this time.

1300 days ago

donna krieger    

Send his son to the States to visit with his father....sounds like Dad and new wife get a free vacation every month...and who can take off 10 days every month from work and still survive?
Apparently he does, pay for your own ticket

1298 days ago


From what I have read. roseanne agreed to only flipping the bill for Him and not his new wife to fly out for 10 days a month. It was looking like she offered him a bowl of soup and he wants the whole kitchen. Also you have to wonder why he feels he is so entitled to this. Does he pay her Child support? It does not matter how much money she has. He still has to do some sort of support for HIS child. I wonder if she has let him scott free from any financial responsibility. If that is the case. It should be his responsibility to get out to see his son.

1296 days ago

joyce carter    

Men are mostly violent, perverts. Roseanne made money making jokes about men and telling the truth. When she imitated men and what they do at baseball games every day of the week - she caught hell for it. (Thats because she does not have the "Gold Card" ( a penis ). That ex and her other ex Tom should have to in my opinion clean toilets for a living.) No one ever before did that so well. Roseanne is brilliant & wonderful. She has had too much crap in her life starting with how she was treated by her family. Roseanne - forget them all !!! You don't need them. Get some cute little dogs - much better than the human species.

1292 days ago



1292 days ago


When they divorced, I'm sure it was stipulated that neither party could not move out of the county, or at least the state, since they had a child. That worked out fine until Rosie decided she wanted to move to Hawaii, at which time, she had to get her ex to agree to the move, in order to comply with their custody/visitation agreement. He only agreed to the move if she agreed to pay for his ability to continue his 10 days per month custody/visitation, that was stipulated in their original agreement, and she agreed. Once she made the move, she decided she didn't like the agreement she made. I don't think she can do that, legally. Court it is.

1262 days ago


what a looser...... Glad she decided to go back to court, that's ridiculous, settle for child support and then he's on his own

1111 days ago
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