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Charlie Sheen

Spills His Guts on TMZ

2/28/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just wrapped up a LIVE no holds barred interview with Mike Walters from the backyard of his L.A. mansion -- ripping more people than ever ... and even accepting some blame himself. 

Sheen blasted CBS honcho Les Moonves for not firing "Men" creator Chuck Lorre ... and then scoffed at the studio for giving him waaaay too much money.

Sheen also ripped a false report that he checked himself into rehab this morning -- because he obviously isn't at a rehab facility -- and the at-home interview is all the proof he needs.

Among the hits – Charlie explained that he “hopes” his five kids ask him about all of the drug use one day … so he can fill them in on all of the “epic” stories.

Sheen also explained that his father, Martin Sheen, should stop passing judgment, because Charlie’s a grown ass man ... and can make his own life choices.

Charlie also told a story about how he woke up in the middle of downtown L.A. by himself when he was 7 years old … and had to find his own way home.

You can watch the full interview 42-minute above or click here for a four-minute highlight reel.


No Avatar

TMZ dont like me    

Something tells me this fool's face is gonna be flashing across the screen, this time next year, when Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey or whoever is gonna sing the "In Memoriam" segment, during the Oscars...

1295 days ago


What an arrogant ass. He is totally self righteous. I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with him.

1295 days ago


Paranoia Self-Destroya. Get off your high horse, you piece of crap! You are officially nutso, and a massively conceited old man.

Charlie is jealous of Chuck Lorre.

1295 days ago


For all you that are not an active addict in recovery..SHUT THE F....UP!!!! What Charlie is saying is 100% on the mark, I know from personal experience...I walked away from a hell of lot more than even Charlie & did so in 1 moment when it all settled in my is possible & even easier without all of society's bs is for those that are court compelled in some way or looking for a new connect...period...the man is doing it the way that works for him & has the right frame of mind..he says & knows if he goes back it will be because he chooses...THAT is the best step to recognizing & overcoming what you want for your life...Keep telling them Charlie & to all you other uninformed idiots...get off his back...I've got 4 yrs & stronger than Charlie says...bring it & we'llsee who stays on top

1295 days ago


I hope Charlie Sheen sues the pants off Chuck Lorre & CBS. I watch the show regularly, it is the funniest show on tv. 15 million other people obviously think so too because they have made it the top show on tv. No one had a problem with Charlie Sheen's lifestyle that provided Lorre with tons of comedy to write about for 8 years. Now, Lorre and CBS all of a sudden have a problem with the lifestyle they exploited for their own personal gain, pouring billions of dollars into their wallets? Take a hike! Lorrie is a hypocrite because Sheen isn't doing anything differently than he has been for the past eight years. If he was ready to work when he was scheduled to be there and they decided to cancel because now, after 8 years they suddenly decide they don't approve of what he does when he's off the clock, that's on them. And it looks worse for them because Charlie Sheen's personal life had no negative impact or bearing on viewership -- it was still the top show. The only ones losing right now are the viewers like me who want to see new episodes but can't because Chuck Lorre suddenly didn't approve of Charlie Sheen's life -- that he himself has been mocking for eight years. I'm not saying I agree with Charlie Sheen's lifestyle -- I don't judge him. I enjoy the work he does. It's that simple.

1295 days ago


I have to admit, this is VERY cool. VERY interesting...kudos to you TMZ! That being said, Charlie looks frail. Old. He shouldn't be doing this. People like me aren't sympathetic towards him. We feel sorry for him. It's sad really.

1295 days ago


Two and a Half Men can be successful without Charlie Sheen!!
You just cut your own throat charlie...Guess what??...CBS and Warner bros aren't going to stop the bleeding by throwing you more cash...You're out...the rest of the crew plus your replacement are in!!!

1295 days ago


i just feel pity. He is too full of anger to see anything clealy.

1295 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

How does Charlie feel about no lobger being Chaim's Heimisch and Chaim sees him as a Momser?

1295 days ago


Does cocaine come with dosage instructions on a label?

1295 days ago


dude has to learn how to do an interview.he's not even asking questions, sucking up to charlie doesn't make him like you. he should have used this time wisely and gotten solid questions answered like: 'has anyone from chuck lore's office formally responded to your demand for more money per episode? is charlie in contact w/cast and crew members, or helping them out during this hiatus?

1295 days ago

My two cents ;)    

charlie u dont realize that ur close to a heath ledger, micheal jackson, dj am moment? really? ur an idiot!

1295 days ago

Luke Briubaker    

I'm bipolar and I know what it's like to be manic... its fun but whoah crazy and he is manic right now... it can last for months if he doesn't take meds. ohh **** haha

1295 days ago


OMG he looks terrible. I've seen junkies on the street that look healthier than he does right now.

He is either completely mentally ill or a complete douche. Or both. He thinks people are jealous of his life?!?!?!? Get over yourself, dude.

1295 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Mike the crappiest interviewer ever. Plus he looks like an Idiot Douchebag with that hair, clothes, and hairy crotch on his chin. He keeps calling the camera shots like he is Steven Spielberg.

Come on Harvey, you give Mike too much credit. This guy sucks.

1295 days ago
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