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Dallas Cowboys Tragedy

Horrific Crash Scene Photo

12/13/2012 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an image of the crash scene following the highway disaster that killed Dallas Cowboys star Jerry Brown last weekend -- and the Mercedes he was riding in had flipped upside-down.

As we previously reported, Brown's teammate Josh Brent was driving at the time of the accident in Texas Saturday morning. Brent was subsequently arrested on the scene for intoxication manslaughter.

TMZ has also obtained the 911 calls placed by a passing motorist just moments after the accident -- and according to one of the callers, "There was smoke everywhere."


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Friends don't let friends drive drunk, and friends don't drive friends when they are drunk. With the $$ that Brent posted for his bond he should have used that for a driver that night or a damm taxi. They throw these young guys alot of $$ and they go drink it up, what a waste of talent and life down the drain. At the end its just purely sad.

679 days ago

Retail Queen    

To the moron who said he wasnt a star go eff yourself. Being a Dallas Cowboy for a year a day a month or a decade dont matter he was part of the team and the owner as well as plenty of officials and players attended his funeral. I dont think any of them said It doesnt matter he was only with us for a few weeks. And he signed on October 24 thats more than a few weeks thats almost 2 months so get your facts together

679 days ago


Really tmz

679 days ago


(rolling eyes) Not so "exclusive", guys, this is on the front page of the Dallas Morning News website...same pic, same video.
Totally senseless accident. The NFL has a phone number that players can call for a ride home so he didn't even need to call a taxi, etc...

679 days ago


It boggles my mind, how these rich can't call an F-in' taxi or a limo (if they are too good for a taxi) Seriously, the effects of alcohol last a little while, stupidity lasts forever. This guy gets whatever he deserves.

679 days ago


I put in brackets and apparently it thought it was html. It should've been rich *insert celebrities, sports figures here* how these rich can't call an F-in' taxi

679 days ago


Gosh I hate Harvey, he never lets his co-workers talk!!! he jumps in, Harvey has to talk, talk talk...studder studder studder. He's putting Ana Hathaway down....if anyone makes fun of Harvey he goes off like a Toddle and Tiaras....blah,blah,blah....he goes after anyone on his show that makes fun of him......please....

679 days ago


I have millions and don't have to work ever.... So suck on your crappy teachers pensions all day long you dink!

And point I u loser a life is lost... Hopefully everyone is just like "he was just a meaningless teacher" when you drop! Peace mofo!

679 days ago


This tragedy could have easily been prevented. I wish people would just get a lift, take a cab or a bus/subway TO the event if they know they are going to drink. That way there is no temptation to drive home intoxicated.

679 days ago


Yep, I feel bad for the person who lost their life and for their family and also for Josh Brent. It is just a horrible thing that no one intended to happen and it is tragic that a life was lost and another will spend probably 10 years, at least, in prison. It is super easy for people on the outside looking in to point self righteous fingers and come done very hard on Josh. And, theoretically, people are justified in doing so. But the reality of the matter is is that all kinds of "good" people drive around intoxicated. It can happen to lots of people, and it does. And if you get into an accident and hurt someone, you are going down REGARDLESS of your blood alcohol content. Just let this be a lesson to people: do not drive if you have ANY alcohol in your system. And that includes one drink, or residuals from the night before. If you have been drinking heavily the night before, you may not be totally sober until 12 noon or 4 o'clock the following day.

679 days ago


my prayers go out to the families and i would never wish this on anybody else but i think if you willingly get in the car with a guy you know been been drinking and he dies then the drunk driver shouldn't go to jail for murder because he was aware of the situation but he should get a dui charge.

679 days ago


If it was michael irving driving it would have been a HIGH SPEED chase all the coke he does no amount of alcohol in the US could of brought him down. RIP

679 days ago


Until tougher DUI laws are passed, the death and destruction will continue:( I don't give a rat's azz if the deceased knew this drunk piece of crap was drunk, I hope the drunk ho killed his friend goes to jail for a VERY long time, but he won't, unfortunately. Going to his funeral? I woulda had to plead "temporary insanity" if I was a Brown family member. Prayers to the family.

679 days ago


Jerry Brown was a "star"??? He wasn't even on the team-he was on the practice squad. Duh....

679 days ago


Tragedy? Really? How about a rich NFL player getting drunk and not smart enough to call for a ride. This A$$ Hole killed his friend because he is a dumb Son of a BITZH He should go to jail for a long long time Maybe he will lose a hundred pounds of FAT

679 days ago
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