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Troy Aikman's Ex-Wife


For Boozy Arrest at TX High School

1/29/2013 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Troy Aikman
's ex-wife is getting off with a slap on the wrist after cops say she was drunkenly hanging out in a Texas high school parking lot back in August ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Rhonda Aikman was a stumby, wobbly mess when cops found her in a car at a high school in Murphy, TX on August 27.  Officers say they also found two water bottles filled with a liquid that smelled like booze inside the vehicle.

During the arrest, Rhonda tried to guilt cops into letting her off the hook by dropping her ex-husband's name -- "Do you know what this is gonna do to him? Troy?"

She was eventually charged with public intoxication.

Today, Rhonda -- whose marriage to Troy ended back in 2011 -- agreed to plead "no contest" to the charge in exchange for 30 days probation ... after which the underlying charge will be dismissed (presuming she keeps her nose clean).

Rhonda's lawyer Larry Friedman tells TMZ ... "This is a good result for everybody and puts the matter to bed once and for all."

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it is what it is    

First...... WHITE Girl Problems.. Lol

577 days ago


I'd do her.

577 days ago


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577 days ago


I'd suggest she and Ramdy Travis hook up but Randy wouldn't be interested probably.

577 days ago


Pretty sad to drop your EX's name to get out of pathetic behavior...but arresting her because of alcohol-SMELLING water is also bogus. (They didn't say there WAS alcohol in the bottle...just that it SMELLED like alcohol.) She's good-looking for a woman her age actually.

577 days ago


Headline "PUNISHED". Lol.

577 days ago


Again crap scrawled all over the picture can't see her face. What the hell happened to this soul and who has their kids

577 days ago


If she was in the driver's seat... why wasn't she arrested for DUI???

577 days ago


OK why no one is calling her Ghetto drunk whore with a foot ball player. See how u white people are. " "Charlie Sean is ghetto.. wife beater"

577 days ago


Big deal!!! Let's focus on those carry guns and raping women because they think they are STARS!!!

577 days ago


Alright guys we all get it now enough with all these racist talk. Blacks vs white and vice versa. I'm just over reading these racist comments amongst each other. It's boring. Let just all enjoy the news

577 days ago


No wonder Troy dropped her like a cheap wine

577 days ago

Miller Cerasuolo    

Troy Aikman’s ex-wife, Rhonda Aikman, was found drunk in her car in a high school parking lot in Murphy, TX. The police found two “water” bottles filled with booze inside the car. Rhonda tried using her hubby to get her out of the arrest, but was unsuccessful. She was only charged with public intoxication, which in Virginia is a class 4 misdemeanor punishable up to a $250 fine. Truth be told, Rhonda lucked out. Depending on the cir***stances, she could have been slapped with all other types of charges, including driving under the influence or open container violations. Rhonda thought she was stealth hiding her booze in water bottles, but cops have seen that trick time and time again…

555 days ago

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