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Adrienne Maloof's Ex

Sues Chef

You Blackmailed Me!!!

2/4/2013 9:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Paul Nassif -- Adrienne Maloof's soon-to-be ex-husband -- has sued the former couple's chef ... claiming the cook blackmailed and extorted him after falsely accusing Paul of being a wifebeater.

Paul alleges in his suit ... Bernie Guzman plastered photos of a bruised Adrienne on his Facebook page, with text that read in part, "Adrienne Maloof was pushed to the ground.  Punched and beaten."  Guzman also wrote, "Now you know who and what he [Paul] really is ... he is a beast."  Paul says the claims of abuse are "outrageous and vicious lies."

As for the blackmail and extortion claims ... Paul says he sicked his lawyers on the chef, and Bernie texted back, "Stop harassing me...Have you forgotten I witnessed you beat your wife ... Kids & animals.  I have plenty of pretty family photos ... Some not so pretty ... Stay away ..."

Paul believes the upshot of Bernie's text is that if Paul made an issue out of what Bernie said he'd release more damaging pics and allegations.

Paul is suing for unspecified damages.

We reached out to Bernie.  So far, no comment.


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Paul just looks like an *******. Being rich and an ******* is a recipe for a bad attitude. I wish you wouldn't give this moron attention. I'm sure he's stocked up on entitlement, and this fuels him more.

633 days ago


When keeping it real goes bad. His Mexican ass has unleahed the Arab mafia. Hahaha this chef is so stupid. paul is playing his chess game very well. We all know Adrienne and this dude hatched up this hair brain plan. Now she has to pay. ...or else dude is giving her up. Go on Paul....I see you, with your Arab self. heheheh

633 days ago


I knew that chef was an a$$hole just from seeing him for one minute on the show - my intuition is exceptional. Adrienne has probably told him she'll make him a very rich man if he supports her through this, so he is taking her side hoping to get paid off. S***.

633 days ago


Adrienne will turn on this chef eventually and then the chef will come groveling looking to sell his story about how she made him make all this crap up. Or he'll write a book trying to cash in. Watch.

633 days ago


TMZ the verb is SEEKING and the past tense is SOUGHT, please proofread or hire people who can spell. They are called journalists and editors. please! LA is surrounded by tens of colleges with great media and communication programs.

633 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Cool move on Paul's part. Bernie the Chef tried to paint Paul as being physically abusive to Adrienne so as to keep his kids away from him. Adrienne I'm sure was in on this ruse, but it backfired on both these AH's. Keep hitting em where it hurts Paul. Team Paul and Brandi. You guys ROCK!

633 days ago


I have nothing for Paul but, what kind of a loser tries to blackmail someone? If he'd done something as ugly as spouse or animal abuse go to the police. Making a threat of blackmail only makes the chef look like a total loser. The abuse you say took place didn't matter until you could profit from it? Ugly.

633 days ago

The Ghost of John Lennon    

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633 days ago


Sicced, not sicked

633 days ago

Church Lady    

Sounds like a lover's quarrel.

633 days ago


I couldn't STAND this gay chief on the show. He always acted like a little bitch / girl. He seems like nothing but drama.... Ugh I hope he's off the show for good.

633 days ago



633 days ago


Hope what the chef is saying isn't true

633 days ago


Team Paul.
The fact that Adrienne keeps Bernie her attack dog, speaks volumes.

She is S***!!!

633 days ago


Good for Paul.
I've always felt that the chef was a bit "off" in the head, this proves it.

633 days ago
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