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Lindsay Lohan

No Drugs, No Booze

For Me at Coachella

4/12/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is going on her yearly pilgrimage to a place where drugs and alcohol are as plentiful as Botox in Bev Hills ... but she SWEARS she'll stay clean.

Lindsay is telling friends ... she doesn't care about all the snipers who are scoffing at the recidivist rehabber -- she says she's not living her life for other people.

LiLo insists she's going for the music and wants to have some fun -- just like last year (above) -- before checking into the rehab facility for a 90-day stay.

Lindsay is also insisting she doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol ... leading lots of us to wonder how on earth rehab is going to work.  In fact, Michael Lohan told us Thursday on TMZ Live ... he expects his daughter will fail.

And there's this ... The judge in her criminal case warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol.  This is an IMPOSSIBILITY at Coachella.


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To a new friend

558 days ago



558 days ago


Most people would be embarrassed to show their face in public after being arrested multiple times, but Blohan just doesn't get what a joke she has become.

558 days ago


If this rehab is to work they have to address the REAL issues Lindsay has. I support Lindsay and hope she will do well. She needs to keep her father OUT of her life, he drags her down so much with his constant betrayal. She also needs to take a step back from her mother, Lindsay loves her mom and no doubt Dina will support her but Lindsay will hopefull do well with the love and encourgement from her siblings.

Michael Lohan said Lindsay will fail at this rehab. Does that mean she will succeed at the rehab in Florida HE picked out for her? Its about control and money with that crank. He is a useless father and even more a useless human being.

558 days ago


Yeah, and the karsashian's are a model family

558 days ago


How many stories have TMZ done on Lindsay in the past 72 hours? seven or eight? Stop bullying this woman TMZ, go away and lets have some truth about your idol Kim Kardashian. To have you do a story on Kim without licking her backside would be refreshing.

558 days ago


Coachella's here it's that time of year,
When Lindsay falls on her flapjack rear.
No thanks I don't do drugs now,
I'll get through all of this some how.
I've got my water so it's all good,
I'm behaving like a good girl should.
Uh Lindsay can we check your bag?
A water bottle? Now that's just sad.
I guess all of your stumbling around
Is not your fault, It's just the ground.
To all the friends who's stuff is missing,
Look to Linds whose ass you're kissing.
And when it all is said and done,
We'll just sit back and watch the fun.
You made the Judge look like a fool,
He won't like that, you broke his rule.
So TMZ be front and center,
When the cops are sent to go and get her.

558 days ago

James B    

Christ. What do you say to this? If she's that determined and stubborn then there's no helping her really is there.
Does she not understand that she's breaking her plea bargain conditions BY GOING to Coachella in the first place? It doesn't matter what she herself is doing - or not doing - just by standing next to and talking to someone who's drunk and high can land her in jail.
Oy veh!
Maybe her real problem is stupidity.
I just recently saw DUIna's Dr Phil interview on Youtube.
That is one woman who is as stupid as the day is long. Her whole existence is about portraying what other people want to see (not what she really is) so that she can take some kind of advantage of them in some way.
Lindsay Lohan is, I suspect, more intelligent than her mother, but education - SHOCKING. I'd be surprised if the girl has ever even read a book.
It's the superficial leading the deluded.
Both of them as deep as a puddle!
What matters in that world is looking good (hence all the fake hair and mini- plastic surgery) to be able to snag a rich man and leech of them. It's high class hooker behaviour. And THAT comes from DUIna. Along with the insistence of never owning up to anything and never admitting anything in case it paints you in a bad light. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.
But if it's inbred in these two - and it seems to be - then Lindsay is OVER. Because where she is now, unless you grow up and grow a pair, it's a slow slide into oblivion.
She has a choice, a life or booze and drugs. She can't have both.
IF she does eventually make it to a psychiatrist, she's probably clever enough to see that she can untangle herself from Mommie dearest.
That's one relationship which will have to fall by the wayside as she doesn't otherwise stand a chance.
She'll keep relapsing, and relapsing, and relapsing until she's dead if she doesn't get shot of DUIna.
I'm sure DUIna genuinely loves her but she's SO fvcked up herself, and so attached to Lindsay's fame (which she wanted for herself but never had) that she's not objective when it comes to her daughter.
Sadly, I can't see Lohan making it.
She has no support network around her of people to encourage her to help herself (I don't mean Charlie Sheen as that is probably for the cameras).
You need a good friend to tell you when you're being an arsehole and to be happy for you when you're doing well.
And she doesn't seem to.
She only has party friends.
It's a real shame.
She once was very beautiful.
With the right films and management she could have had a really good career.
Instead, too much, too young, no boundaries and no self discipline = RUIN.
Someone compared her career to that of Amanda Seyfried. Amanda's doing exactly what Lindsay should be. The difference: Amanda has good people around her and has had better parenting. She doesn't believe her own PR, she knows it could all disappear tomorrow, so she's making the most of her time NOW. Unlike Lindsay who believes that she deserves to be where she is.
Anyway, enough already.
If the justice system wants to rehabilitate Lohan, the only way is to jail her and get her to actually serve her sentence. Otherwise, it's just a revolving door until she either dies or disappears.

558 days ago


Sorry folks but if lilo said it then it's true. She only lies to police and judges. She is an honorable ho. Just ask her sugar daddy Charlie

558 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

So, yeah, TMZ is definitely paying for rehab. That's the only way to explain this string of Lindsay non-stories.

558 days ago


What will Lohan INC do if Kim Jong Fvck Up, decides to go ahead with his (ahem) threats? Will Ali and Dennis Rodman broker a peace deal. Or will they send their A game over there (Lindsay) ?? Enquiring minds need to know.

558 days ago


Lindsay is her own worst enemy. When I see pictures of her and her tatoos by Lindsay I think why would a girl that use to be quite pretty once do that to herself? You find yourself staring at those nasty homemade stars and writing. They look like prison tats. And she hasn't even been to prison yet. Who in their right mind would hire someone to play Elizabeth Taylor with prison tat ?

558 days ago


All that means is Lohan doens't expect to get caught.

558 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Every review I've read about Scary Movie 5, calls it the worse movie ever. The only praise for Charlie and Lindsay is that even through they sucked, they sucked a little less than everybody else. X17 thinks she's in "Scream 5" haha.

558 days ago


Wow nothing about the SM5 premier and her being late. The movie must have sucked as bad as reviews said.

558 days ago
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