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Lindsay Lohan

No Drugs, No Booze

For Me at Coachella

4/12/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is going on her yearly pilgrimage to a place where drugs and alcohol are as plentiful as Botox in Bev Hills ... but she SWEARS she'll stay clean.

Lindsay is telling friends ... she doesn't care about all the snipers who are scoffing at the recidivist rehabber -- she says she's not living her life for other people.

LiLo insists she's going for the music and wants to have some fun -- just like last year (above) -- before checking into the rehab facility for a 90-day stay.

Lindsay is also insisting she doesn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol ... leading lots of us to wonder how on earth rehab is going to work.  In fact, Michael Lohan told us Thursday on TMZ Live ... he expects his daughter will fail.

And there's this ... The judge in her criminal case warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol.  This is an IMPOSSIBILITY at Coachella.


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In the pics from the red carpet last night, her hair seems to be trending towards blonde again.

That's a clear sign that she's about to embark on another drunken, drug fueled bender.

498 days ago


One last thing. Now that Avi is out of the picture, I'm sure shell find a new band to hookup with. But totally sober.

498 days ago


Nope. I don't buy it. Hopefully other attendees will not be to far gone to snap pics of her trying to share their stashes. As for her sm5 premiere look: she got the dress from Jenna J's tyranny Assyrian., and her hair was done by some 9 year holds going to cheer camp.

498 days ago


Zeph, if I may be so bold , could you please for old times sake , engage us in your most excellent assessment of Blo?

498 days ago


Of course she can stay clean while at Coachella. She does not have a problem with drugs or alcohol. She's spending 90 days in confinement because she has no problems.

498 days ago


For someone who doesnt have a problem with drugs and alcohol she sure does go to rehab an awful lot. Just sayin.

498 days ago


As much as I hate to leave , it is time for me to haul my bag of bones into the fart sack.LOL. Goodnight .

498 days ago


it's friday. i pay bills every friday. anything that has been charged during the week gets paid. i love going to the website and seeing 0.00 due on the page. such a good feeling!

obviously since hohan never pays a bill, goes out of her way to grift/steal, she wouldn't have a clue to what i mean.

498 days ago


I think Lohan is in the middle of her disease. Amazingly, she hasn't hit rock bottom. Rock bottom for her is the hot lava of the Earth's core. And she's not going to come out of the core to the other side. She's going to burn completely out. Rehab never works for those who are forced in or are sentenced there in lieu of jail. Lohan needs one thing and one thing only to save her life - and it was in the hands of the prosecutors who gave her this deal, 3 full years in jail in the general population. That's the only thing that hasn't been tried and has been proven to work with less recidivism than rehab.
Also - I don't think Lohan will overdose or die at Coachella. She is a narcissist and loves herself too much. She has never OD'ed her whole life, so I don't think it will happen now. And the difference between her and Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe is that when Lohan does finally die - no one will mourn her because she was and is an assholic, lying, thieving, criminal who manipulates people and thinks material things are more important than integrity. She could even get clean at some point in the future - but she's screwed up her likeability rating so badly - no one will care. The only imprint she will leave on this earth is how not to live one's life.

498 days ago


AA refers to these as "slippery places". Addicts are great at setting themselves up to fail, and denying they did so. She's used to manipulating the world around here to match her victim posturing, but it will fail, and fail big eventually. She has not hit bottom yet because people are throwing cushions under her.

498 days ago


Just looking over the other sites and love those close up bigger photos on CB.....You can get a clear view breast enhancment scars under her arms in the pits....that looks painful.....and the pinpoint iris's of her eyes to show she is feeling NO pain.....and those lips got that must be painful...looks like two huge pimples really to pop....and lip lined way outside their borders....
But I would love to know just what Charley is saying in her ear.....LOL..... And she's loving it ..cause its more Drama.....and she feeds off of drama....And that Inferal nasty assed smirk.......! Please let somebody finely wipe it off her nasty assed face.......

498 days ago

all about the money    

"The judge in her criminal case warned her to stay away from people who do drugs or alcohol. This is an IMPOSSIBILITY at Coachella."
So revoke her darn probation and put an end to this mockery of the legal system. She hasn't been clean (still drinking for sure maybe more) since she was sentenced to rehab. Still denies that she has any problems which is step number 1 for any rehab program. Her lawyer lied and conned the prosecutors and judge into believing there was a lock down rehab despite her sentence being confinement for 90 days. She is not going to stay at the rehab she has proven before that she will sneak out and drink as she did before. Why waste time on a person that doesn't deserve it. Send her little punk arse to jail...let her cry and panic about being really locked up and maybe...MAYBE the system might get through to her. Its all a joke to her and the legal system is the punch line.

498 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


498 days ago


I think this booze/drug festival shes demanding to attend will be the catalyst to her obitutuary. Of course shes going to pack 90 days of druggin into that time!

498 days ago


Finally a black check ,,,slept late this morning didn't ya ?

Blanche(Lindsay) will not overdose.....she loves herself to much......Snakes don't commit suicide.....! but that doesn't keep people from chopping their heads off..... and she's bitten a hell of a lot of people......Just saying ...>LOL

498 days ago
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