The Game Thinks Amanda Bynes Killed a Guy in AZ

5/30/2013 12:50 AM PDT

The Game thinks Amanda Bynes killed a guy in Arizona ... because The Game totally thinks Amanda Bynes is Jodi Arias -- whoopsies!!!

Game was hanging out in NYC Tuesday night -- when we asked if he'd been following the crazy Bynes saga ... to which he replied, "F**k Amanda Bynes ... isn't she the killer? She the person that killed somebody or something?"

Turns out Game was just thinking of Jodi Arias ... that heartless biatch who slaughtered her BF in AZ ... and when our cameraman corrected the rapper, he joked -- "Yeah, I get my killers mixed up."

Check out the video -- it's pretty funny.

Of course, Bynes is no killer -- but she did ask Drake to "murder" her vagina a few months ago ... so, yeah ... there's that.