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Kanye West


w/ His Baby (Grand) Mama

6/27/2013 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a Sith lord, Kanye West spent some quality 1-on-1 time with his baby's mama's mama Kris Jenner in Los Angeles today ... and shocker, he wasn't in a very friendly mood!

Kanye made it clear he didn't wanna talk right from the start ... and Kris, obviously aware of Kanye's explosive temper, playfully (or nervously) signaled to the photog to back off before K blew his top.

Thankfully, the photog took Kris' warning ... and no one was hurt in the making of this clip.

It's the first time we've seen Kanye out in public since the birth of his daughter North.

As we previously reported, Kim is in hiding with the child at a secret location so they can bond without the cameras around.

There are rumors that Kim will debut the kid on Kris' new talk show.

Smile Kanye ... it's gonna be ok, man.


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489 days ago


You chose the wrong group of people to associate with if you don't like attention from the media. You are the most unpleasant, angry person. WHY?!!!
Is your life so bad?! You can enjoy spending time with your new baby without worrying about going back to work, making the mortgage payment, affording quality diapers and expensive, special-needs baby formula. You have no worries. Say nothing in response to the media if you so choose, but telling them not to speak at all, what an arrogant POS.

489 days ago


He is such a dick. How rude. Either don't talk to them or just say thank you. Geez.

489 days ago


I think there should some kind of blacklash. We made him famous and I think we should take away his fame! He needs to remember that his fans hold the key to his sucess.

489 days ago


well KW is from Chicago..thee only people who carry camera is the Feds,Cops, snitches, private detectives..and nosey bitches who for some reasons like to stalk true and show evidence to wifey..not one.. you want in your business.. players dont like haters.. mind your biz

489 days ago


Well, I guess that I'm most certainly in the minority. I happen to LOVE both Kanye & Kim as the perfect couple (for each other). ALL Paparazzo ought to respect Kanye's wish to stay WAY-WAY back & don't talk to him - OR ELSE!!! Cannot treat Kim (alone without baby North) than Kanye's family together. I don't blame him at all!
I DO think Kanye IS a genius and deep creative professional. His lyrics are deep & not literal and I believe he is 'fashion-forward'. Anywhosers, I wish Kanye, Kim, and North all the BEST.

489 days ago


Kim is not only desperately attempting to lure Kanye to marry her by buying him extravagant gifts and making arrangements with ICONS from Apple to meet Kanye, she is getting exactly what deserves for being such a huge hypocrite having a baby before marriage. Kanye is going to drive her nuts because he is one.

489 days ago


Kim is not a smart woman when it comes to her choices of being a hypocrite. Unwed with baby, she is desperately attempting to buy marriage with Kanye. She has spent nearly a mill on a car for him and introduced an Apple icon to him in the effort to lure Kanye to marry her. He isn't gonna do it. Kim's obsession with black male genitalia will be the worst decision she ever made having a baby with Kanye. He's a controlling nut who will make her life and her pimp mama's life miserable from here on out.

489 days ago

Joan K    

It seems like they do have two fans on here so I guess that is better then none at all. They should be thankful for that but then again it is probably the two up and coming Trashians, or are they going to keep the name Jenner? If Pimp Mama has anything to say they will end up with the Trashian name.

488 days ago


if I was a pap I would just follow Kanye and only Kanye. You know it's just a matter of time before he does something really stupid, then you can sue his rich, stupid ass and be set for life.

488 days ago

California Girl    

Kanye is a ****in idiot. kim and Kanye are not gonna last. He looks so miserable. Im Waiting for the day they brake up and he bashes her and airs out her dirty laundry and talk smack about her and trys to take custody of the baby. I already know their brake up is gonna be ugly..

479 days ago


Man, that Kanye's homlier than a mud fence.

477 days ago


I'm afraid I see a lot of OJ Simpson in Kim's "boyfriend". How ironic... Get out Kim, before it's too late!

467 days ago
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