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Lamar Odom Attack

Photog Wants to

Press Charges

7/12/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the L.A. photogs Lamar Odom went nuts on this week has lawyered up, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... and we're told the man plans to press charges against the NBA star.

According to sources, detectives are still investigating the incident -- when Lamar flipped on two photogs in Hollywood, damaging equipment and allegedly smashing one of their cars -- but the case will most likely be forwarded to the L.A. City Attorney soon for criminal prosecution.

It's unclear which photog is pursuing legal recourse ... but we're told one DEFINITELY wants to see Lamar go down for what he did.

As we reported, it appears Lamar snapped because a photog asked questions about Khloe Kardashian ... namely about Lamar's alleged extramarital affair with a stripper.

Attempts to reach the photogs involved, as well as Lamar, were unsuccessful.

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No Avatar


Since Kris Jenner's show begins this Monday.

On Fox-11 here in Los Angeles - I think 3 p.m?

I'm expecting and hoping?

Kris to go INTO this and at length.

Often - and I know she will cuz she's a killer babe.

Plus Kardashians are number-one targets.

Of the clueless Paps.

Who need the five grand per CONFRONT TAPE.

For their Meth.

466 days ago


I never laughed so hard, like the LA City attorney will do anything! You first need a spine and a set of balls. The LA City attorney will just shake in their boots and come up with some lame excuse not to charge him. Worthless pathetic people run that office!

466 days ago


Hell, if you had to put up with Khloe's crap you would be looking for something that you could vent on too, wouldn't you? As much as I despise paparazzi I hope he takes Odom to the cleaners. Just more of the Kardashian related trash.

466 days ago


The two lesbians ,Khloe & Kourtney, are on Dailymail.com, mocking the photogs,as ill bred Khloe gives the media the finger. The paps made you greedy hoes, and they will break you!

466 days ago


Him and kanye need to butt**** each other and continue to suck on kardashian teet!! Lol I'm a geniuses

466 days ago


You would think a man like Lamar with that much testosterone wouldn't have a problem making a baby but evidently he does. Perhaps he needs to stir the pot a little longer or dip deeper or maybe he just needs some lessons from Kanye.

466 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Get him, pap!!!
(And talk about acting GUILTY!!! lolz If you flip out like that when asked about cheatin', it means yer cheatin'.)

466 days ago


Where is accountability for pap sneaking into a private gated community and was on private property. Do they ever see jail or fines, paps suck...Stalking, private property, verbal abuse and paps claim they are the victims..if you dish it out learn to take it.

466 days ago

Jeff harris     

The Kar-trashian's are basically sluts who gained fame from videos of having sex with black guys. They
will all be soon .."baby momma's" . They will continue
wearing skirts with transparent rear's ...for the next
rapper to view the big butt !

Kanye won't be around much longer ...Lamar will continue to have sex with other women while Kloe realizes that part of the "black experience" is having a lot of baby mommas.

466 days ago

Eagle in NYC    

Did I see that right? The arrogant prick destroys the cameras and equipment because he's angry they took pictures of him and asked him a question he didn't like , and then he poses for a photograph and chats up the young chick who comes up to him?

What, did he think she was a hooker?

466 days ago


California HAS to start implementing VERY strict laws regarding photog stalking and harrassment. There are plenty of opportunities for pictures of celebrities at awards shows and personal apperances throughout each year. If these idiots were hanging around regular peoples homes, following them and their families everywhere they go and constantly harrassing them, they would be stopped by law and have restraining orders placed on them and probably heavy fines and possibly jail time. Some of these jacka**es who call themselves photogs are former criminals, yet they are allowed to constantly tail celebs every single day. Its wrong and it should be stopped!!! Just because you are famous and make a lot of money does not mean you should be shadowed, called names and have your privacy infringed upon on a constant basis. The paps are rude and stupid, ask the f-ing dumbest questions I ever heard and now have the b*lls to call a little kid a brat because shes fed up with being persued her entire life and having camera flashing in her face EVERYWHERE she goes??? Its just WRONG and only California would let this bullsh*t go on and get as bad as it is today. I hope somebody opens fire with a machine gun on a whole pack of these pr*cks some day and mows them all down. I dont blame Lamar for going off. HES F-ING HAD IT WITH THAT SH*T!!! Where are laws to prevent this crap??? Just like TMZ is NOT a celebrity information site - its a place where they constantly make up stories about celebs wether they know them to be true or not. They insult famous people constantly and continue to ask their readers, "whos hotter", "who'd you rather", "check out the weggie or some girls breasts". Thats NOT an informative entertainment news site. Thats just nasty high school type comments from low-class journalists. Harvey is a sorry excuse for a man and founder of a celebrity gossip website. He looks like a damn fool every time I see him comment on something.

466 days ago


of course he's going to "press charges" now watch how fast this gets "settled" everybody knows this whole thing was done for publicity.

466 days ago


I knew this was going to happen. It was just only a matter of time before we heard about it.

466 days ago


ooh boy hear we go again... next time just walk away ..idiot!

466 days ago


The paps are forcing people to their limits. Lamar is a great guy, leave him alone

466 days ago
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