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Dale Earnhardt's Grandson

Aspiring Race Car Driver


8/13/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

12:20 PM PT
-- Bobby just released a statement, saying, "I wanted to let you all know I made a terrible mistake last night drinking and driving and I am thankful nothing bad happened from my stupidity and I know It could have."

He added, "I'm sorry for letting all my fans friends and family down and I hope I can make it up to each and everyone of you and in the future be a good role model. I will continue to move forward with my racing career and I hope I continue to have your support thanks."

8:07 AM PT --
Cops tell TMZ ... "Mr. Earnhardt was pulled over for making a very wide left turn. After talking with him, our officer noticed his eyes were glassy, speech thick and slurred, smelt of alcohol."

"He was asked to get out of the vehicle where he was unsteady and when asked he said he only had 2 shots of alcohol."

"The officer performed a field sobriety test and determined he was intoxicated. He was taken into custody where he took another ERIR2 test where he blew a .193."

Dale Earnhardt
's grandson -- an aspiring race car driver in his own right -- was arrested in West Virginia last night after cops say the 25-year-old was tooling around Charleston while hammered.

Bobby Dale Earnhardt -- a driver in the ARCA Truck series -- was pulled over by Charleston police just before midnight after cops say he was driving erratically.

During the stop, cops say, BDE admitted he had been boozing at a bar earlier in the evening. He also bombed a field sobriety test.

Earnhardt was eventually arrested for DUI and hauled to a nearby station -- where he was booked

Bobby Dale is scheduled to face a judge later this morning.


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No Avatar


Bad start to your career, littlest E.

436 days ago


They should have a nascar series where all the drivers on the race track are required to be legally drunk

436 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't worry folks... he'll get the celebrity treatment.

436 days ago


He looks like the boy from Deliverance...with a beard.

436 days ago

She's baaaack    

So what? All chronic drinkers think they drive just fine. This is not a surprise.

436 days ago


Dale Earnhardt's grandson this and Dale Earnhardt's grandson that, and Dale Earnhardt's grandson this and Dale Earnhardt's grandson that. Look: this is the break-out into the media spotlight for Dale Earnhardt's grandson, he is an aspiring race car driver who needs some media face time. After all, he's Dale Earnhardt's grandson and Dale Earnhardt's grandson is newsworthy, even if Dale Earnhardt's grandson lacks the common sense to not drink and drive. So, let's all sit is awe of Dale Earnhardt's grandson and make certain we watch out for more news about Dale Earnhardt's grandson because, after all, he is Dale Earnhardt's grandson and Dale Earnhardt's grandson needs a bit of attention. Thank God that Dale Earnhardt's grandson didn't kill anyone when Dale Earnhardt's grandson was driving drunk. By the way, did I mention that he is Dale Earnhardt's grandson

436 days ago


Looks like Dwight's inbred cousin Mose.

436 days ago


"smelt" of alcohol? LOL. Anyone got a dictionary? It's "smelled."

436 days ago


I think they should have a Daytona 420 where the drivers get hammered and race. I mean that would prove who the drivers were. My money is on ole Bobby Dale.

436 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Nothing will be done. Just like every other celebrity and sports personality who commits a DUI offence. Have you ever looked at the number of MLB players alone who have DUI's and the league does nothing to punish them and the court system is a joke.

436 days ago


That's weak. Linds could blow a .25% (or a Turbanator) after her first "breakfast shake". Besides..... he's a celebrity - give him a few recreational days of mansion-arrest and a talk-show tour.

436 days ago


Come on guys. SMELT? That is to fuse metal or a small fish. Did you guys even go to school?

436 days ago


Stupid idiot. He has resources, connections, $ that aspiring drivers can only dream about and then he does this stupid crap. Moron. I hope he NEVER gets a wheel in his life because the imbecile does not deserve it!!

436 days ago

She's baaaack    

TMZ - FYI: Smelt is a type of fish.

436 days ago


LOL, what a joke! Wanna bet he will come all over religious and start bible thumping like all the other nascar nitwits.

436 days ago
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