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Britney Spears

She Barfs (Very Possibly)

During Desert Storm Concert Reveal

9/17/2013 5:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Britney Spears got off to a shaky start for her Las Vegas debut -- she got sick on the chopper ride for her big announcement.

Britney didn't say if "sick" meant hurled ... but it's a reasonable conclusion.  She wore gigantic sunglasses in the dark night as "GMA's" Sam Champion tried to get her animated.

So here's the lowdown ... Brit opens Dec 27 at Planet Hollywood.  TMZ broke the story ... she'll be pulling in nearly $15 mil for 48 concerts a year and it's a 2-year deal.

Ticket prices are pretty reasonable -- $59 - $179.

Now this is interesting ... Champion asked her about possibly living in Vegas and Brit was sketchy.  Our sources (and obviously they're good) tell us ... Brit will "absolutely not" be living in Vegas.  She has no plans to get a house there.  "It's strictly in and out," said one source involved in the concert ... partly because she doesn't want to disrupt the kids during their school year.


We're told Planet Hollywood will make a gigantic suite available on the 52 floor.  There are several of these mega-suites available on the 51 and 52 floors ... People at the hotel call it the 5152, which is interesting.  Brit knows something about that ... minus 2.

BTW ... Brit left in an Escalade.  We're assuming the ride was barf-free.


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get real    

Does she still have to support Kevin the x and his new wife and Kid?

380 days ago


She can't sing, she can't dance, she can't act. Why this person is as successful as she has been is a true mystery.

380 days ago

get real    

15 Mill a year? less taxes 7 mill.. less agents share, 15 percent.. Less Daddys share, Less Kevins share. The girl will be lucky to Clear 2 mill a year.

380 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Good for Britney not living in Vegas and keeping her kids' school schedules in tact. It's 48 shows per year, that's an average of only 4 per month. Jetting back and forth between L.A. & Las Vegas makes much more sense.

380 days ago


Was on UH-60... (Black Hawk) flight on the Nellis (Las Vagas) flight range doing a SAR (Search and Rescue) training mission to pick up a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor. The instructor was a tough, bug eating, dirty water drinking fellow. The guy threw up so much it made the rest of us sick too.

I've seen better and tougher men then Britney Spears threw up in a helo.

380 days ago

Just Jay    

What drugs make her lick her lips that many times? Are her dental implants or veneers loose?

380 days ago


yes cause the "group of fans" put that together

Gimme a ****ing break

380 days ago


When Is Michael Jacksons
Next Concert?

380 days ago


She looks really nervous and uncomfortable in the interview. Shes not into this anymore and its been obvious since her handlers started pushing her on stage since she had the breakdown. Shes just not the same woman anymore that made Toxic and with the bubbly personally and I doubt she'll ever be again. I like her but she'll most likely be walking around stage pretending shes singing and having all the backing dancers doing the work. Christina Aguilera would of been a much better choice for this.

380 days ago


Wow, really, TMZ???? That's the BEST writer you got? 5152? What the f is that code for you idiots??? It's 5150. Wow. You guys suck at life.

380 days ago


Well we all saw this coming didn't we......TMZ 's new low......a TMZ exclusive ....Somebody Barfs !! people have been saying it for a while that they would soon be reporting on Brithney, or Justin, or Kim or etc Barfing cause they are to lazy to go out and find real news....and here it is !!!!!
What next ...will be soon be getting a report on when she shyts.....? .......

380 days ago


$15 mil, isn't that what she got on X Factor? Wow, now you're gonna have to really Work B!tch!

380 days ago


Why would anyone spend a dime to see this has-been? She is over.

380 days ago


Basically, 48 shows a year means she does one show a week... yawn.

380 days ago


I just came from this event, which was touted to be a 'Special Celeb Announcement' event with food, beverages and celebrities. When we arrived, not enough people had signed up, so about half in attendance were (scary as hell) temp workers hired to be there. They didn't want to be there and were all put to the back of the crowd so the cameras wouldn't see. They basically bussed 1500 of us to the middle of nowhere and kept us for 8 hours. The crowd was chanting "Let's go Home" as her staff yelled at us to get in line and be quiet. It was by far the most miserable event I've had the misfortune of attending in years. Miss Spears didn't give the cheering crowd a song, a quick hello, hell... she didnt even try. Ridiculous.

380 days ago
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