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Pauly D

I'm Meeting My Baby Daughter Today

11/6/2013 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D
will meet his 5-month-old baby for the first time today ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned the MTV star and his baby mama Amanda Markert have hammered out a temporary truce in their ongoing custody battle -- and Amanda has agreed to let Pauly meet their daughter Amabella.

Sources close to Amanda tell TMZ ... the meeting will take place at a neutral location somewhere near Amanda's home in New Jersey sometime in the next few hours.

It's a huge step for the parents -- who've hated each other's guts ever since the baby was conceived during a drunken night in Vegas back in 2012.  Amabella was born back in May.

Pauly is fighting Markert for full custody of the little girl ... accusing Amanda of being a horrible mom who's using the baby as leverage for fame and to get money from him.

Markert says Pauly's interest in his daughter is all for show and is not real.

A rep for Pauly D had no comment.

Good to see they've put their differences aside ... at least for now.



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Another great set of parents. RME. She's stupid for even having sex with him in the first place. He's just disgusting. I doubt he would be a great parent, he's too busy banging drunken skanks and being a so-called dj.

354 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Why is EVERY SINGLE RELATIONSHIP among the entire population of GENERATION ZERO a relationship based in hatred?

Fighting. Hatred. Yelling. Screaming. Misery... constantly - it never stops.

Yeah yeah yeah I know I am 60 years old but will someone tell me what is wrong with the concept of enjoying each others company - and why everything must be an argument amongst these losers???

354 days ago


Gosh I'm bored to care to read this

354 days ago

Fred Farkel    

This hatred consumes this entire worthless generation.

354 days ago


Give the wh0re a million dollars to put the kid up for adoption, give the kid $100,000 for a college tuition trust fund...and get out of both of their lives. Then the kid might stand a chance growing up normal.

354 days ago


In the best interest of the child. Who didn't ask for any of this. I commend Amanda for at least allowing Pauly to see his little girl. At least he stepped up. She needs to learn, she'll get more from the bee with honey than with venom. She needs to at least become friend with Pauly and put their anger behind them for the sake of this precious, innocent little girl. Who has a chance at an amazing life. Stop with the hatred..Amanda needs to refuse to speak to the press anymore..

354 days ago


today I had a glass of water with 5 ice cubes

354 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Please stop reporting on this Douche has been that no one cares about. Unless they all have a reunion and catch fire burning alive. Then by all means share the good news. but for regular chit chat about this loser isn't necessary

354 days ago

Dawn Taylor    

She has offered for him t see the baby from day one. She doesnt hate him but she doesnt appreciate him putting this in the media. How could she hate the father of beautiful Amabella. She doesnt. Tmz lies.

354 days ago

Dawn Taylor    

She does not hate the father of her beautiful daughter Amabella. She has offered access to Ama from day one but he wanted to tske her away rather than come visit. She never said he wants to see Ama for show. She agrees a child needs both parents whenever that is possible. Stop the rumors that are making the meeting awkward. Amanda is shown in a bad light and still she wants Ama to see her dad. She even had a gift made for Pauly for when he and Ama meet.

354 days ago


Pauly D is a greasy Italian and New Jersey's walking, talking poster boy for Herpes and Chlamydia.

354 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

The Nazi's used fire, the Pharaoh and his Fascist Feds use electronics to SUPPRESS The Holy Word of GOD.

True Justice, Divine Justice is SERVED:
The 2013 Sentence
The Declaration of 2008
The Final Declaration (2009)
HRH Prince Michael of The House of David

353 days ago


Nobody gives a ****.

353 days ago


Oh good. Now he will have someone to share eyebrow shaping and mascara tips with... gross

353 days ago


This whole thing is disgusting!!!
It's playing out like another "reality" show. Those fvcked up, worthless idiots can't even take a sh!t without broadcasting it to TMZ.

353 days ago
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