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Charlie to Brooke

Pack Your Bags Now


11/29/2013 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Charlie Sheen
is done playing games with Brooke Mueller -- TMZ has learned, his attorney has sent her a letter demanding she move out of the home he bought for her ... RIGHT NOW.

Sources tell TMZ, the letter explains that Charlie is aggressively trying to sell the home -- which he purchased for Brooke so she and their twins could live close to him -- and she needs to pack her bags, stat.

But he doesn't just want her out of the house ... we're told Charlie wants her to move far, far away ... away from him and his other family with Denise Richards.

As we reported, Charlie is putting the home up for sale -- after purchasing it for around $4.8 million -- and is making the new price very attractive in order to sell it fast.

In fact, Charlie is so determined to get Brooke out of his life ... he's telling friends he'd gladly sell the house for a dollar just to get her out of his neighborhood.

Our sources say Brooke's brother Scott -- who's living with her in the gated community as the twins' temporary guardian -- hasn't been notified about any kind of move-out order.

Sources close to Sheen tell us, Charlie believes the letter was the motivating factor behind Brooke's allegations that Denise abused the twins ... Brooke was angry, and that's how she retaliated.


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What does Brooke think she'll accomplish by accusing Denise of abuse? It's not as if Brooke doesn't have enough money to buy her own home in the same area, her family is super rich & can buy her a home nearby. If Brooke weren't on drugs & was more like Denise, she wouldn't have to move.
Court should drug test Brooke before allowing her having contact with the twins, much less living under the same roof.

326 days ago

my 2 cents    

I fear that this is not going to end well.

326 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a crazy azz crackhead bit ch.

326 days ago


His boys live there. Where are they supposed to go now? This is one phuked up family.

326 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Local cops... heads up... expect a call from Brooke with vicious allegations about some form of abuse soon.

326 days ago


Father of the Year.

326 days ago


Smartest thing out of this guys mouth in.......
Longer than I can remember.
NOW.... if he'd ACTUALLY CARE for his KIDS,
Loser. They should be your #1 concern, which they clearly have NOT been.

326 days ago

Yes, I'm That Leah    

I have a dollar Charlie. I want to leave Atlanta tonight!

326 days ago


So he doesn't care that the kids have to get out if Brooke does?

326 days ago


Charlie has to protect his other ex and his daughters from Brooke. The boys can live with him so they aren't exactly being displaced. Most anyone would buy that house for a buck from him, who would walk away from a deal like that? I wonder if Charlie offered Brooke a lump sum to just get the hell out of all of their lives if she'd take it? Like a condo in Bogata, or Lima Peru, someplace where she can have all the blow she wants. The catch being she signs away all parental rights and claims to the children...I bet she'd take it. Too bad Charlie can't find a wife who will help him with his boys, get along with Denise and his girls, and be able to deal with his own lifestyle and quirks. There is someone out there for everyone, a stable caring step Mother would be a god send for his kids right now, and no more Brooke!

326 days ago


So what is it.. she is or is not living with her brother and the kids?? I thought the judge said no.. that she could not live with them. If she is arrest her ass, if she is not then get your damn stories straight TMZ.

326 days ago


Hey Charlie, for $500 you could probally have her " found " in the trunk of a car

326 days ago


If I'm not mistaken Brooke was suppose to move out the minute her brother got custody and moved into the house. It was not suppose to be with the kids 24/7. Is that not what the judge agreed to? As for Denise - props! was noble of her to try and give those kids some semblance of a functional family life and stability but it appears that no good deed goes unpunished. Charlie should take the profits from that sale (and then some) and buy Denise a McMansion of her choice as a "thank you for all the trouble I've caused you".

326 days ago


Charity begins at home Charlie. He is so quick to throw money at complete strangers to make him look good, but throws the mother of his twin sons out of their house. And during the holidays, too. Merry Christmas Scrooge Sheen.

326 days ago


charlie should charge her rent, that would make her move, deduct it from her checks.

326 days ago
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