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Amanda Bynes

Home for the Holidays

After Release from Treatment Center

12/5/2013 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Amanda Bynes has been sprung from the Malibu rehab facility where she'd been getting inpatient treatment for her mental illness.

As TMZ first reported ... Amanda's meds and counseling had stabilized her condition -- bipolar disorder and schizophrenia -- to the point where doctors felt she could be released to her mother's supervision.

According to the attorney for Amanda's mom -- the actress is now at her mother's house, and will still be receiving outpatient treatment.

Bynes had been at The Canyon treatment center since September ... following her stay at UCLA psych ward. 

Amanda still has to deal with a DUI charge. As we told you, a judge has ruled her competent to stand trial ... though a plea bargain seems likely.



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Amanda will do well as long as she keeps taking her meds. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia stop taking them because they truly believe that there is nothing mentally wrong with them.

288 days ago


Her biggest problem now is to consistently take her meds. It is the most common reason for relapse. Best of luck to her...and her family.

288 days ago


my best wishes to out you to as a fellow human being,

288 days ago


Now comes the hard part.


The real test.

I'm guessing Amanda now has the tools.

God Bless she and her family because it's not easy.

Took me years, years ...

And it still tests me on a daily basis...

Says to me, "C'mon enough of all this therapy and sobriety - do like the OLD dayz - "

"...and GET Stupid."

Me I trust only the professionals - the N.P.I peeps.

God Bless all of the advances towards the mind/brain.

287 days ago


I'm sure they've been coached...

But the trick for Amanda's Mom and Dad ...

(both professionals in their own right)

Is not to drive Amanda away...

By mothering-or-fathering-Amanda to death.

There's a fine line -

And you can't cross it.

They know this better than I do.

Praying for Amanda's safe and healthy return.

Was scary there for awhile...

287 days ago


With treatment and recognition?

Being Bipolar is actually a gift.

Steve Martin and Robin Williams, among other brilliant people and minds -

Made it work for them.

I like to think I have, as well - am no longer ashamed.

287 days ago


Had a "change-of-perspective" midway thru film school.

That's a polite term for "break-down."

Was dogged, made fun of, ridiculed, one dude in particular was merciless.

That's the bad news.

The good news...this spun-me-off into insight, therapy, recognition, recovery, sobriety, self-care.

Give me a break-down any day of the week.

When the result is THAT positive and life-affirming.

287 days ago


She came out and partied with a few friends of mine and myself a yr or so ago. She seemed so out of it, like she wasn't even there. I assumed it was drugs or something. I am so glad to hear she's getting better. I wish her all the best

287 days ago


Hope she's feeling some clarity, continues on a healthy path and has a wonderful Christmas with her family.

287 days ago


I wish her all the luck in the world. Mental illness is a terrible disease that is misunderstood by many. It's a chemical inbalance in the brain which can be balanced and monitored with drugs and the right doctors. God bless all who suffer from this disease. God bless Amanda Bynes and her parents who have no doubt been through an emotional rollercoaster.

287 days ago


Best wishes Amanda, take your time and love your life.

287 days ago
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