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Lindsay Lohan Party


12/9/2013 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0290_lindsay_lohan_barron_hilton_drug_photos_launchHere they are ... pics of the drug aftermath at Lindsay Lohan's mansion party in Miami ... showing two burned out joints and something that appears to be the remnants of a baggie of cocaine.

TMZ already reported there was coke and booze EVERYWHERE at the party before things got violent ... and now, we've got pics of the mansion taken after everyone left the scene.  

It's unclear who the drugs belonged to ... but Lindsay's camp insists the actress kept her nose clean the entire night ... and didn't booze either.

Still, Lindsay knows ... insane mansion parties in Miami aren't exactly bastions of sobriety ...  and Lohan (who's still on probation) knows she shouldn't have put herself in that situation in the first place.

In fact, we're told after the rager ... and subsequent fight ... we're told Lindsay scrambled to find a private jet to get her ass out of town ... calling several private jet owners hoping to call in a favor.

Eventually, she found a ride ... and in a pic obtained by TMZ, you can see Lindsay smiling on the plane ... as if she doesn't have a care in the world.



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EEEW! What's in the sink with the blood-like stuff running out of it?? And what's that kittie food looking stuff on the nightstand? Please educate the hygenic and non-druggie little people...

321 days ago


Jill666,diane,susan is shaking in her diapers

321 days ago

Ozzie X    

Great deductive reasoning TMZ.

321 days ago


Oh please, Lohan doesn't have friends or the clout to call in any favors. How old is this photo and who took it?

321 days ago


This knuckle dragger doesn't have an income...How does it continue to live so lavishly? Who are these deadbeats with money that continue to sponsor her?

321 days ago

help this young woman    

TMZ just keeps making up lies. Lindsay was not throwing a party there. She was not even at that party. She was with Domingo Zapata and Jill Zarin at his art event until 4 am. There are not only pics of her there Jill has already confirmed that she was with Lindsay at the art show clean and sober until 4 am. Then Lindsay went back to the mansion where she was staying to find the party happening. She then called up ML to get 3 bodyguards over there to get her out of that mansion. She moved to ShoreBar penthouse then. TMZ get a clue. Lindsay is not traveling alone anymore. She is with sober companions, family, or family friends at all times who can witness and refute your lies.

321 days ago


Its freakin two joint roaches who Really gives a **** aboht weed,you guys always try to throw dirt on weed!RELAX!!!Maybe Harvey might need to find a roach so he can Possibly stop and relax on these Gay ass stories...WTF Let her Live!

321 days ago


I thought she had stopped suckingD*ck for plane bad

321 days ago


Lindsay is so hot, I wish i was at the party, I bet she's so horny when she is drinking and coked out, I would have tried so hard to bang her!

321 days ago


Yeah right she wasn't doing anything. Please. And the fact she tried to get out of there as fast as possible, shows she had something to do with it. As for her having that look without a care in the world, enjoy it while it lasts. Your time is running out.

321 days ago


I guess they are mentally still in high school.

321 days ago


hahaha I like the shot of the herpevera covers...We all know already though that Lindsy Lohan has herpes..."Fire Crotch"....But really cigs on the sing..toothbrush inside previously used for drinking cup..I mean This girl is a trailer park dweller living a considerably good life as opposed to majority that come to TMZ...Diseased - Rich and semi young..must be grand..

321 days ago


This pics could have been taken at any time at any place where Lilo stayed for more than 3 min.

321 days ago


lindsay probably got the f out to avoid being drug tested after getting questioned by police

321 days ago


Is Oprah going to call her into the office? TMZ should get on that if the have sources with Oprah.

321 days ago
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