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Justin Bieber

Bad Egg Caused $20K In Damage

1/13/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0112_bieber_house_damage_tmzJustin Bieber's egg-throwing escapade Thursday night caused around $20,000 in damage, and the little punk hasn't even called his neighbor to apologize.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin was caught on video egging his neighbor's house, and when confronted the singer told the neighbor to f off and then hurled a few more unborn chicks.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... L.A. County Sheriff's deputies are fast-tracking the investigation and they told the neighbor he had to get them repair estimates by today.  We know the neighbor is locked and loaded with paperwork.

We're told the entire front of his house must be re-plastered.  To do the job -- which is especially expensive because it's Venetian plaster -- will cost around $15K.  There's another $5,000 in damage to the entry, including various doors that must be re-stained.

We're told neither Justin nor his people have contacted the neighbor with an offer to pay ... they haven't even called to say J.B. is sorry.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the case will be referred to the L.A. County D.A. who could then file vandalism charges against the singer. 

Since the damages far exceed the magic $400 figure -- the case could be filed as a FELONY.



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One of the few good things to come out of Canada, is MICHAEL J FOX, he' s ~RESPECTFUL~ to the country that's adopted him. WE LOVE YOU MJF!!!

Send Douchebag Bieber back!!!!

Douchebag :
Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and *******, however not yet reached ****er or mother****er.

228 days ago


Ha, it never fails. TMZ hypes up some non-thing, and then nothing happens. The dupes always fall for it and then whine about how rich celebs get away with stuff, when there was a zero chance of them going to jail in the first place.

228 days ago


Deport Fleaber after he pays for the damages and cools his heals for 30 days behind bars.

This kid and I refer to him as a kid is nothing more
than a spoiled brat who will eventually screw with the wrong person.

228 days ago


send her scrawny a$$ to pelican bay when she can get gang raped all day

228 days ago


Imagine having to put up with this POS 24/7. Typical immature prick with $.

228 days ago


This kid is heading for a violent end. Someone needs to stop him before he loses everything.

228 days ago


I've said it before & will say it again, he'll write the guy a check for any damages & all the professional clean up. No worries! L.A. Sherrifs Dept. should worry about cleaning up their own corruption within their departments which is highly publicized, EXCEPT on TMZ. Not to mention we have many in high places stepping down due to the corruption, potential involvement/association...... The egg case, in my opinion , is minute compared to what the L.A. Sherrif's Departments are facing ... Once their finished with the 'egg scandal' perhaps they'll have time to put many of the extra men they said they needed & received, to not only work on cleaning up their own internal scandals but also devote some major time to focus on the deadly violence which happens on a daily basis......

228 days ago


Definitely looks like $857,998.00 worth of damage to me. Maybe more. Could be over $1,000,000.00 in damages. Or more!!

228 days ago


I dont like jb but the video is cearly edited and even if it wasnt we all know he wont fry so why even post the story. Look at all the other stories in the "also see" section of this page about how his cases keep getting rejectd. FacE. It HE IS ABOVE OUR LAWS

228 days ago

Nobody Special    

Indictments are coming out soon, you will be served very soon.

228 days ago

Action Jackson    

I am the only one who didn't see Beiber in this video? How is this proof?

228 days ago

Nobody Special    

We can all remember the little Beaver pre-tattoos, when the beaver was so happy to be lifted out of poverty thanks to Usher.
Now the Beaver has a few bucks (If he was not so stoned he would have a lot more) and now Beaver has some silly tattoos and his 12 year old body looks like a freak show. I remember when Beavers Biceps were smaller than the average girls wrist. When you google the older pics of the narcissist Beaver without a shirt on, this is when he was humble.

I don't think The beaver will have any problems hooking-up in Prison, I believe he will be Coal-Train that will keep The Train going all night.

228 days ago


Like always, nothing will happen to him because he's Canada's ambassadress to the United States.

228 days ago


Bunch of haters on here. Bieber makes mils and you people just whine about him on TMZ. lol funny haters.

228 days ago


so i been liking justin bieber for a long time but i really think he needs to open his eyes and relize if he is claming hes a man he should dtart acting live

228 days ago
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