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Kanye West


At High School Basketball Game

2/12/2014 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kanye West ... why you mad, bro??

You'd think the rapper would've been in a better mood last night ... since he sat courtside at a high school basketball game in Brentwood to support a friend's nephew -- but nope, he looked MISERABLE.

Sources on scene tell us ... one of the kids playing in the game is the nephew of Kanye's designer friend Tracey Mills ... and Yeezy was there to show his support.

So, props for going out to support a friend ... but dude, it's OK to smile!!!

Bonus -- L.A. Clippers coach Doc Rivers was also in the stands ... but sources say he appeared to be having a much better time.


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boo boo    

He looks so miserable like he's leaving his body. Why did he even bother to interact with the public when he so obviously hates them (I mean us).

252 days ago


of course cry baby west was miserable, the spotlight was on somebody else and he was pretty much just side line attention

252 days ago


If you google Kanye and click on images there's on three where you see teeth , the rest are an angry unhappy fellow.
If I were him I'd give all the money away and move to Africa to start a life as a herds boy!

252 days ago


I can't tell if he's really feeling a mite bitchy or if he's too wrapped up in his own personal ennui trying to look "too cool for school" or some bs.
After seeing the footage of Kanye and Kim with their baby, Kim putting the baby and everything in the car while Kanye just stood there looking like a lump I wonder if he even knows how to really be real. Ever.

252 days ago

How Sway    

Have u ever thought that the Fact the he and his family is constantly bein stalked by Tmz cameramen who take his picture to ONLY slander him. And then everyone elsethinks its ok to do the same(This whole page is my evidence) So ask yourself y wuld he be happy in Any of THESE pictures. INCONSIDERATE ****S

252 days ago


He's probably pissed because people are doing what he asked them to do. No one is paying any attention to him.

252 days ago


he isn't mad. he is worried because kim is starting to look like her step dad !! lmao'

251 days ago

How Sway    

It seems like kanye and Jim only get publicly persecuted is because think high of themselves. In this society now of days if you are not cuttin y

251 days ago


If there were ten pictures of him looking this way in an hour span, I would agree with some of your comments however, this is one picture at one moment which does not explain or show that he is sad about being at that game! Look at the other people around him, they have the same look on there face! He most likely seen someone taking his picture and decided to look down so that noone would try to analize the look on his face!

251 days ago

How Sway    

Yourselves u r bein stumped down by others. I mean wats wrong with the fact you think you were made a higher purpose. Its seem to b looked at as strange to respect and luv yourself to ppl nowadays. Kanye & KIM have something everone wants whether its creativity or physically bu

251 days ago

How Sway    

They get mocked and made fun of by ppl like bullies outta of a lifetime movie which is sick to me. Y does America think this persecutipn is okay. They re not murderers. They dont deserve this much PETTY STUPID LITTLE INSULTS.They both contributed something to the massez but what have any of u commenters contributed besides an IGNORANT ASS COMMENT. YALL sound more angry than the way Kanye is bein portayed to be

251 days ago

Steve O'Beck    

Konnie is a weasel-dick mutha fo! And a disgrace to Chicago.

251 days ago


This picture looks like if it was half time and halftime during high school games are boring as f*ck

251 days ago


The manager whoever is coddling him, the black lady wants nothing to do with this and the guy next to him is also stroking his ego. He's whining.

251 days ago


Because he selfish and stuck in his own world....I don't see how KK does it , hmm maybe that is what she needs someone to control her and be assertive.....

251 days ago
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