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Josh Peck

I'm Not Doing a Flick

With My Bankrupt Bro Drake

2/18/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021614_josh_peck_launch_v2Josh Peck loves former co-star Drake Bell like a brother ... but Josh won't help his buddy crawl out of debt by making a "Drake & Josh" flick.

Peck was catching some rays on a bench in Manhattan Beach when our photog raised the issue of helping Drake score some quick cash.

As we previously reported ... Bell's in the hole to the tune of $581k -- and claiming he pulls in an anemic $2,820 a month compared to his monthly outlay of $18,771.

Since their Nickelodeon show went off the air in 2007 ... Peck's been pretty successful -- voicing both Eddie in the "Ice Age" films ... and Casey Jones on the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" show.

Drake ... not so much.


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Bell's in the hole to the tune of $581K -- and claiming he pulls in an anemic $2.8K a month..................LOL IDIOT!

215 days ago


Since no one cares about this story here is a review of Jimmy Fallon's first Tonite Show:

A very nervous Jimmy Fallon came out and introduced himself and then in a bizzare moment, went back behind the curtain to be introduced again and then do a somewhat weak monologue. Next he did a dance skit with the over-exposed will smith and then after a commercial had U2 perform (from a rooftop?) Next he sat down with will smith (again? were there no other guests?) and will did a very weak joke about curling where he did a weird machine gun noise that lasted so long that he continued the noise for about a minute after the crowd had stopped laughing. Another bizzare moment came when U2 sat down (after will smith) to be interviewed. The drummer refused to sit down on the couch with the rest of the band (for no apparent reason). He just sat on top of the couch. Weird..... Jimmy had built up a real sweat by this point but the show came to an end, before any more strange moments could occur. 6/10.

215 days ago


Am I the only one who realizes Drake is the official voice of spiderman now? How is he broke? I call Bull****

215 days ago


Why did you delete my comment about rappers and their **** stoopid names?
Probably one of the obama loving staff douches.
My fave rappers are:
cheezy, lil weeenie, jizzy, wizzy, mowser, wowsers, trousers, cup holder, lil ball bag, down-lo-bro, topo taka gherkin, mayo n fry.

215 days ago


Seems like a nice guy and very timid. Unlike the ego maniacs TMZ seems to focus on.

215 days ago


Isn't he Gregory peck's grand-son?

215 days ago


Drake voices Spider-man for Disney's Marvel shows, was paid to be at comic con and other pop-culture events, still charged fans $750-800 when he wasn't at his signing table for meet and greets (in cash), was paid to do a guest appearance at several events, started Voice Acting for a Animated movie, and did several Video game voice acting gigs. So that $2,820:$18,771 ratio is a lie. My guess is that he's hiding his money from the IRS which is why they started an investigation on him.

215 days ago


Time to make some lifestyle adjustments, Drake. Can't spend almost $19K per month when you're only bringing in less than $3K. Grow up and get responsible.

215 days ago


Is he dying?

215 days ago


Wow this is really rude and he is visibly uncomfortable. If I were him I would have told that guy to go get ****ed.

215 days ago


How cute is josh though?!!

215 days ago


Drake should of spent his money more wisely instead of going to Disney World every other day. I knew something was up when he started attacking Bieber on Twitter jealously really is a bitch. Deny all you haters, but it's obviously true because out of all the celebrities who could of attacked he went after Justin why because he's young and successful, and Drake is broke as a joke.

215 days ago


What a Jack ass

215 days ago


Puberty did wonders for Josh.

214 days ago


Well that was embarrassing.

97 days ago

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